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English Sentences Used in Daily Life | Make English Sentence

Are you looking for “English Sentences Used in Daily Life“? then stop searching from now. This is the best place, where you won’t have any questions regarding English sentences.

Here I gonna share with you English sentences used in daily life with Structures and the formation of sentences. Here I have listed above 100s of daily use sentences that we often use in our daily life.

List Of Daily Use English Sentences

Here I gonna share with you some Sentences with structures that we often use in daily life.

1. How are you?

  • I am fine thanks and you
  • Preety good
  • Preety well
  • Quite well
  • Good
  • ‘Cool’
  • Chilling out

2. How is your life? or How’s your life?

  • Fine
  • Superb
  • Fantestic
  • Plentiful
  • Fanbulus
  • It’s going along life
  • Its so-so
  • It’s going great fun
sentences and phrases

3. Some Phrases in English Sentence

  • Make a Habit of it – Iss Baat ki Aadat Daal Lijiye
  • Use of Foul language – Ulte Sidhe Sabdon Ka Prayog Karna
  • Drive Bike fastly – Bike Teji Se Chalana
  • It dosen’t matter – Koi Fark Nahi Padta
  • It does matter – Fark To Padta Hai
  • I appriciate you – Mujhe Aapko Sunke Achha Laga
  • Make a point of it – Iss Baat Ki Gaanth Bandh lijiye
  • It’s sound good – Sunke Achha Laga
  • It’s sound bad – Sunke Bura laga
  • Shall we start now – Kisi Kaam Ki Suruwat Ki Jaye
  • It’s sound strange – Sunke Adbhut Laga
  • Pass the Buck – Apni galti Dusre Pe Daalna
  • Hire the car – Gaadi Kiraye pe lena
  • Buck bite – Chugali Karna
  • I will not give you cut and dried – Mai Aapko Paka Pakaya Nahi Dunga
  • I will not leave you in lurch – Mai Aapko Bich Majhdaar Me Nahi Chhodunga
  • Common Science is not so common – Common Itna Bhi Common Nahi Hota Ki Aasani Se Samjha Ja Sake
  • You are mistaken – Aako Galatfahami Hui Hai
  • It’s up to you – Sab Aapke Haath Me Hai
  • Could you pull the leg of your elders? – Kya Tum Apne Bado Ka Majak Uda Sakte The
  • Party crasher – Bin Bulaye Party Me Jaane Wale Log
  • Crash the Party – Bin Bulaye Party Me Jaana
  • Welcome or not I am still your guest – Jan na Pehchan Mai Tera Mehmaan
Daily use of English sentences

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4. Some Greetings for Leaving wishing

  • Bye-Bye Have a sweet time
  • Great time
  • Lovely time
  • See you soon
  • Good Night
  • Good day
  • See you
  • Have a great day
  • See you in the morning

5. Some English Sentences Used in Daily life

Will you appreciate music?

I will kill mosquitoes.

I will not join my company.

Will he invite the trouble?

I may do your homework.

He will jump the wall.

He may drink the water.

I might accept the proposal.

He might change his attitude.

I didn’t pull the leg yesterday.

He will not dig the Earth.

6. Some Simple sentences regarding asking Questions

Do you choose the dress?

Does he wear a helmet?

Is he feeding Baby?

Do you want to get up early in the morning?

Does he wanna go to a law house?

Have you earned livelihood?

Did you hire a C.D of the movie?

Did He Kick The Ball?

Be smart but don’t Be over smart.

Be Confident but Don’t be overconfident.


a) Where Do you Belong to?

I heal from…………..

I put up from……….

I belong to……………….

b) How many siblings do you have?

I have got 6 siblings 3 brothers and 2 sisters.

c) About your Qualifications

d) About your Hobbies

e) About your merit and Demerit

f) What do you want to be?

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