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#KatrinaVickyKiShaadi Katrina got married to Vicky Kaushal

As everyone knows that Katrina Kaif is getting married to Vicky Kaushal. This is one of the most secret marriages in India because no one is allowed to capture images of a weeding place even Katrina kaif and Vicky Kaushal have also taken the decision.

According to social media, we are getting the news that Vicky Kaushal has sold the weeding rights to amazon prime for Rs 80000000 (80 crores).

Now, social media is making fun of this wedding that how can anyone do it like this. this is totally marketing.

Just because of earning money they have sold their wedding rights to the company and now social media making fun because never before any celebrity have done like this.

KatrinA Ki Shadi

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