Elon Musk to employees, work 40 hours

The pandemic may not be over yet, but its severity in several parts of the world has definitely lowered. 

With fewer cases and fewer chances of infection, many offices in the world reopened for their employees. Some big offices, 

such as Apple and Google, need only a few employees to come regularly, 

while small offices are working as they used to before the pandemic. 

Tesla is the latest company to ask its employees to return to the office. 

Its boss, Elon Musk, has sent out company-wide emails pointing that out.

Musk's emails to his employees at Tesla were supposed to be confidential since it is company-related information, 

but the kind of content these emails have is why many employees may not be particularly happy. 

The result: these emails were leaked and are now available on the internet. 

In the first email's subject line, Musk said, "Remote work is no longer acceptable." The email body has several conditions, 

such as working for 40 hours minimum in the office,