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5 Tips to Use Image to Text Converter

With the use of cutting-edge software called optical character recognition, or OCR, a computer can turn handwriting, still photographs, or documents into editable PDFs.

In the beginning, the OCR app was completely inaccurate and untrustworthy. If you ever need to modify digital data, such as bank statements, bills, or receipts, which are typically in image format, this software can help.

In this article, we will talk about the tips to use a photo-to-text converter properly.

Let’s get started!

Transform Data on Windows:

If you want to convert photographs on your Windows PC, there are several different online OCR programs available. Image-to-text converter online is a well-known Windows OCR application that accurately recovers text from photos. It’s a little system tray application (7MB). To extract text, take a fresh screenshot or submit an image file. Choose Image OCR from the context menu of the system tray icon to start using it.

Drag and drop the image into the appearing window to have it automatically altered. You can copy the extracted text once it appears in a new place.

Online Photo to Text Converter:

On any device, you may extract text from photographs using a variety of online OCR To use this program, all you need is a browser and an internet connection (on both a computer and a mobile device). To extract text from images, use an online picture-to-text converter. Copying text from a picture is straightforward if you have no knowledge of how to convert a PNG or JPEG to text.

The steps are listed below.

  • Initial website visit for text extraction from images
  • Upload or drag and drop your image
  • Type the URL in
  • After that, click the Submit button

Convert Image to Text on Android:

You may convert picturized data using images-to-text technology. Additionally, all Android phones are equipped with cameras that may be used to instantly scan text. Photo to Text converter, one of the most well-known OCR apps for Android, enables you to extract text from photographs even when you are offline.

You can choose images from the gallery using a button in the program’s upper right corner.

You can use the camera to capture a text image by pressing a button in the bottom right corner. Any of these techniques for uploading the image will cause the app to automatically process and show the text that was extracted. Use the buttons at the bottom to switch between text and image to compare them.

Google Document:

If you presently use Google Docs for data extraction, you won’t need any other tools to extract text from images. But keep in mind if you use image-to-text technology with it you can get definitely the best results in the shape of a clear readable text. It’s fascinating to note that Google Docs makes an effort to identify each word’s font type, size, and even color. The formatting and spacing are also followed.

OCR Apps for IOS:

One of the best document scanning and online OCR photo-to-text converter apps for iOS users is Scanner Pro. The image-to-text conversion tool does not require any effort, and you can extract text from different pictures easily. Paper documents are scanned by the app and saved as PDF files.

When you subscribe to its pro plan, you can extract text from such scans. Papers are scanned in the free version, but a watermark is added. You can use the text search function to look for images by entering words into the image.


The promise of a world without paper has not yet been realized. OCR technology will so continue to be essential for bridging the digital and analog worlds. You can quickly and easily convert your image to text using the online OCR tool photo-to-text converter technology.

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