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Active Passive Rules
100 Practice Proverbs for Public Speaking
How to Use “So” and “Too”- English Grammar
English Grammar pdf Download free
OBJECTIVE CASE, Direct Object, Predicate Objective
Download Tense Chart 
Active and Passive Voice Examples
Basics of Structures
Basic use of Do you try to
Use of I am good at
Use of Need to
Do you like to+ Action + V1st
Do you dare to+ Action + V1st
Is/Am/Are + sick of + Action(ing)/No Action 
Insist on + Acting / No action
I am + Action
Use of Looking forward to + Action
I am have something + Verb.
I am here to + verb
Use of I want you to + verb
Difference Between getting and Become
Use Of Just Like In English Speaking
English speaking course pdf download 
Use of I came here to- spoken English
I am not used to + verb
Use of But in English speaking
I was busy + verb
Be careful not to + verb
I can’t help + verb
Use of be sure to + verb
Short Forms of Words used in WhatsApp
100 Practice Proverbs for Public Speaking
25+ Amazing Sea Animals Name
Advance English Speaking Structures
Advance English Speaking Wh questions
Simple present – Active Passive voice 
Present continuous – Active Passive Voice 
Present Perfect– Active Passive Voice 
Rules to change Active voice into passive voice
Simple Past– Active Passive Voice 
Past continuous – Active Passive Voice 
Past Perfect – Active Passive voice 
Future Indefinite – Active passive voice
Future Continuous – Passive voice
Passive Voice of Future Perfect Tense
English conversation practice
Meeting Conversation Practice
Parting Conversation Practice
Do you speak English? Conversation practice
How to talk with a delivery boy? – Conversation
English conversation practice on Activities
Daily activities
Asking questions on activities
What did you do?
Talking about activities
Meeting at the station
Asking questions at the station
Meeting at the airport
Getting information at the airport
Getting hotel
Finding hotel
Finding direction
Living in an apartment
Using the telephone
Shopping for clothes
Asking directions
Getting information
Asking Bus stop
Traveling by Bus
Going By Taxi
Taking a trip by car
Travel plans
During travel
Time and the calendar
Living in a house
Going shopping
Getting help in stores
Asking about prices
How much does it cost?
A money problem
I Hate You 100 Times Copy and Paste
I love you 100 times
1000 Times I Love You Text Message
Say Sorry to Someone 100000 Times 
I Miss You 100 to 10000 Times 
Common Words For Spoken English (1270)
British vs American words (167)
Vocabularies used in body Language (1000+)
Words Power Made Easy All words meaning (1200+)
Daily use of words meaning “words of the day” (1000+)
Words meaning for postures and gestures “Body language” (450)
Soft skills
Improve Your English Communication Skills
06 Tips To Improve Your English
10 Tips to Improve the English Language
10+ Proven Technique To Improve In Interview
30 Personality Development Tips: Personality Development
Campus to corporate Key to a Successful Carrier- Soft Skills
Body language Course | Soft Skills
Ways to Say
15 Amazing Ways to Use Bad Words in English – Bad synonyms
Delicious synonyms | 10+ Amazing Ways to Say ‘Delicious’ in English,
Top 10 Creative Ways to Say Create in English
10 Ways to Say I Think, Express Your Opinion
10 Ways to Say You are Welcome – Phrases in English
25 Ways to Say Congratulations In English
How to Give Directions Examples
Phrases for Invitations in English Speaking – Spoken English Tips
Alternative Ways to Say a Good Job in English
Different Ways to Say But, Ways to say But in English Speaking

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