Lesson Index – A List of all English Speaking Lessons

This is a list of All English Speaking lessons where you will get above 1000 English-speaking structures. You can start studying any lessons which are absolutely free. There is a big community to help you to improve English.

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We have organized all the lessons as an index form which will help you to find an easy way of any lessons.

List of English Speaking Lessons

Basics English Speaking Tips 

  1. Basic use of Do you try to
  2. Use of I am good at
  3. Use of Need to
  4. Use of I am with Examples
  5. Do you like to+ Action + V1st
  6. Do you dare to+ Action + V1st
  7. Is/Am/Are + sick of + Action(ing)/No Action 
  8. Insist on + Acting / No action
  9. I am + Action
  10. Use of Looking forward to + Action
  11. I am have something + Verb.
  12. I am here to + verb
  13. Use of I want you to + verb
  14. Difference Between getting and Become
  15. Use Of Just Like In English Speaking
  16. English speaking course pdf download 
  17. Use of I came here to- spoken English
  18. I am not used to + verb
  19. Use of But in English speaking
  20. I was busy + verb
  21. Be careful not to + verb
  22. I can’t help + verb
  23. Use of be sure to + verb

Additional English Speaking Structures

  1. Advance English Speaking Wh questions
  2.  Simple present Active Passive voice
  3. Present continuous Active Passive Voice
  4. Present Perfect Active Passive Voice
  5. Rules to change Active voice into passive voice
  6. Simple Past Active Passive Voice
  7. Past continuous Active Passive Voice
  8. Past Perfect Active Passive voice
  9. Future Continuous – Passive voice
  10. Future Perfect – Passive Voice
  11. Forms of the Verb “Causative verb” sentence formation
  12. Sentence Related to Colour, Shape/Size, Merit/Demerit, and Quality
  13. Use time, Season, Weather Type sentences with Examples

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