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The platters 1952 – 2022

So, do you want to know about the platters? If you are looking for information about the platters then you are in the right place. Here I gonna share with you all the information about the platters. The Platters are an American vocal group formed in 1952. They are one of the most successful vocal groups of the early rock and roll era.

The platters

The Platters 

The Platters are a singing group from the United States that was founded in 1952. They were one of the most popular vocal groups in the early days of rock & roll. Their particular sound spans the gap between Tin Pan Alley’s pre-rock legacy and the new genre’s emergence.

The band has gone through several lineups over the years, earning the moniker “Many Voices One Name,” with the most successful iteration featuring lead tenor Tony Williams, David Lynch, Paul Robi, Herb Reed, the band’s founder and naming member, and Zola Taylor. Between 1955 and 1967, the trio had 40 Billboard Hot 100 songs, including four number-one successes. The Platters are still performing across the world today, carrying on Reed’s legacy.

Herb Reed, the group’s founder, came up with the moniker while sitting around a kitchen table with other initial members, including Alex Hodge. The “turntable” of an ancient phonograph machine, as well as the “platter” that spun the vinyl records, influenced Reed.

SongsSmoke Gets In Your EyesSmoke Gets in Your Eyes / No Matter What You Are · 1958Twilight TimeThe Flying Platters Around The World · 1958The Great PretenderEncore of Golden Hits · 1960My PrayerThe Platters · 1954Remember when the Platters · 1954Only YouHits Anos 50 · 2021I Love You 1000 TimesI Love You 1,000 Times · 1966Platters MedleySinging The Blues (50’s Hits) · 1963Roberta: Smoke Gets in Your EyesMusical Moments to remember: Romantic Memories · 2021Harbor LightsReflections · 1960The Magic TouchEncore of Golden Hits · 1960You’ll Never Never KnowThe Flying Platters Around The World · 1958Only YouOriginal Hits from the Past, Vol. 2 · 2009Sixteen TonsEncores · 1960EnchantedEncore of Golden Hits · 1960On My Word of HonorThe Platters · 1954Unchained Melody20 Greatest Hits · 1990One in a MillionThe Flying Platters Around The World · 1958Goodnite, Sweetheart, GoodniteEncores · 1960With This RingGoing Back To Detroit · 1967Only becauseThe Flying Platters · 1957If I Dind´t CareRemember When? · 1959The Mystery Of YouEncores · 1960SincerelySpecial Memories · 1987The Platters Mix: Only You / Twilight Time / Smoke Gets In Your Eyes / Harbour Lights / The Great PretenderThe Platters Collection · 1996El Gran SimuladorGrandes Éxitos · 2010It’s Twilight TimeBackline Volume 50 · 2009The Wonder of YouThe Platters – Greatest Hits · 1995He’s MineRock All Night (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Mono Version) · 1959My SerenadeThe Flying Platters Around The World · 1958I WishThe Very Best Of · 1987To Each His Own16 Original Recordings · 1976

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