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Abort means to stop something in the middle time.it is widely used in medical science or mission for Aborting anything. If you are searching for Abort meaning in Hindi. Here you will get all the information of Abort word.

​Pronunciation  with Meaning






Bich Me Band Krna

Definition of Abort 

Definition in English: Abort word is used to stop any thing in the middle time. In other words we can say premature birth.

Abase meaning in Hindi (Verb)

पेट गिरना
विकास रुक जाना

गर्भपात होना
abort, slipher calf

अकाल प्रसव
abort, premature birth

गर्भस्राव होना

विकास में अवरोध होना

Sentenses of Abort

  • Abort this mission ! Now

 Iss Karya Ko Abhi Rok Do.

  • Terminate a pregnancy by undergoing an abortion.

Garbhapaat Karaakar Garbhadhaaran Ko Samaapt Karen.

  • We should not abort anything between the working period 

Hamen Kaary Avadhi ke beech kuchh bhee nirast nahin karana chaahie.

Information About "Abort"

Abort meaning in hindi :  Bich me Band Karna , Garbhpaat Karna, Prasav, Vikas Ruk Jaana

aborted (verb past tense)
aborting (verb present participle)
aborts (verb present tense)

English definition of Abase: To stop something during the middle period of time

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Related Words of Abort

  • abortifacient गर्भस्रावक
  • abortion निष्फल
  • abortive अधूरा
  • abortive असफल

People Also Ask

What do you mean by Abort?

cancel abort a project abort a spaceflight, abort pregnancy

How do you spell abort?

1. terminate before completion.
2. cease development, die, and be aborted.
3. terminate a pregnancy by undergoing an abortion.

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What is another word for abort?

break off, cut off, halt, interrupt

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