Absent minded means to incommunicative. In other words astable. Absent minded meaning in Hindi in simple way "Khoya-Khoya". Here you will get all the information of Absent meaning.

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Absent minded


 Anupasthit Dimag

Definition of Absent Minded

Definition in English: Absent minded is a word is about forgetful behaviour. A person who forget always.

Absent minded meaning in hindi :  Bhullakad, Anupasthit Dimag, Anmana, Khoya-Khoya

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Absent minded meaning in Hindi (Verb)

absentminded, absent-minded
absentminded, absent-minded, saddish
Incommunicative, absentminded
astable, absentminded, variable
oblivious, distrait, absentminded, vacant

Sentenses of Absent meaning

  1. I will be absent tomorrow

Kal Mai Anupasthit Rahunga.

2. He is absent minded type of person.

Wah Bhullakad Prakaar Ka Aadmi Hai.

3. He was gloomy and absent-minded.

Vah udaas aur anupasthit dimaag ka tha.

4. absent-minded man who barely manages to scrape a living from his business.

Anupasthit dimaag vaala vyakti jo apane vyavasaay se mushkil se jeevika chala paata hai.

Related Words of Absent minded

  • absent-mindedlyअनमनापन से
  • absent-mindednessअन्यमनस्कता
  • absent-mindednessअनमनापन

People Also Ask

What is an absent minded person?

Absent-mindedness is where a person shows inattentive or forgetful behavior more

What is another word for absent minded?

SYNONYMS FOR absent-minded

withdrawn, musing, daydreaming, dreamy, forgetful, distracted.

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How do I stop being absent minded?

How to Stop Being Absent Minded and Start to Be More Attentive

  1. Put everything back in the same place. It sounds simple but it's easier said than done for some people. ...
  2. Make lists. ...
  3. Set timers. ...More items...

What is the opposite of absent minded?

Antonyms for absent-minded

alert. attentive. aware.

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