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Access means to allow someone it is widely used in English speaking. Are you searching for Access meaning in Hindi. Here you will get all the information of Access word.

Access Meaning in Hindi

Hindi meaning: Pahunch, Daura, Path, Pravesh, Marg

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Definition and meaning of Access

Definition in English: Access means the approaching and entering.

Definition in Hindi: Access meaning ka matlab Pahunch aur pravesh aadi.

Abase meaning in Hindi (Verb)

entry, admission, entrance, penetration, access, ingress

access, reach, approach, gamut, entree, range

access, accessibility, influence, approach, approachability, arrival


Antonyms of Access meaning





Synonyms of Access meaning

access, approach, memory access, accession, admission, admittance, entree, access code, get at

Sentenses of Access

1. A way of entering or leaving

Andar Jaane Ka Rasta

2. He took a right turn on the access to the bridge.

Unhonne pul tak pahunch par ek sahee mod liya.

3. He gave me the access of his website.

unhonne mujhe apanee website ka access diya.

Information About "Access"

Access meaning in hindi : Pravesh Karna, Entering, 

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People Also Ask

How do you use abase in a sentence?

  • In order to abase those who refuse
  • Taaki Inkaar Karane Waalon Ko Apamaanit Kiya Ja Sake.
  • Don't abase your friend by making fun of his accent.
  • Apne Dost Ko Uske Uchharan Ka Majaak Na Udaaye.
  • We should not abase to itself in front of anyone
  • Hame Khud ko Dusaro Ke saamne Apmaanit Nahi Karna Chahiye.
  • The Rahul refused to abase himself in front of his fellow classmates.

What is the opposite of abase?

 Antonyms: promote, exalt, honor, raise, elevate, dignify, aggrandize. 

What is the meaning in hindi

The meanig in hindi is  "Hindi me kya matlab hai"

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