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Campus to corporate Key to a Successful Carrier- Soft Skills

Today we are going to learn about the keys to a successful career in the corporate world. When you entered the campus of the corporate world there is an expectation, responsibilities, meeting, deadlines, projects, team members team workers, Bosses, managers, etc.

Well, Don’t worry we here to tell you how can you transition from campus to the corporate world.

Campus to corporate Key to a Successful Carrier

Top Agendas

  • Overview of the corporate culture
  • The need for making change
  • How to fit in?
  • Etiquette and manners
  • The corporate attire
  • Accountability and responsibility
  • The rules of business communication
  • Tips to success in corporate carrier
  • Conclusion

Challenges for a New Comer

As a New Comer, there are a lot of challenges that you might face. A Campus to corporate transition call for a big adjustment for a lot of graduates.

So let’s understand what a transition could be

1.Adjustment issues

There might be some adjustment issues. Now the adjustment issue I am really trying to say here that you might have to adjust with new people, new bosses, new managers, and basically a new set of people you might face some new adjustment issues.

2.Confidence in their ability to perform

As a newcomer you might question your own self believes oneself of having less confidence.

3.Meeting the goals of the company

You might have certain goals and targets that you need to fulfill for the company.

4.Peer pressure

Peer pressure can be another challenge for the newcomer.

5.Expectations & responsibilities are different

Expectations and responsibilities are very different from campus and corporate we need to understand these expectations and responsibilities in a better manner.

6.Working individually & team player

As a newcomer, you will be working individually as well as a team player. We have to learn how to handle all these things in a very nice manner.

7.New environment & new Learning

There will be a new environment and the new environment comes with new learning.

So these are the certain challenges that you might face as a newcomer. But I would like to say in one word that is to be optimistic and believe in yourself.

 The first day at work!!

The first day at work is very exciting at the same time can be unnerving or overvaluing let’s understand how to make the first day at work leaving everybody else   with a good impression of yourself so you need to follow these rules:

Dress for success

Yes, firstly we need to dress for success. For corporate work you need to follow some dress codes like your dress should be simple not to brighten nor colorful.

Set your space

It means that where you will be working or your workstations desk area you need to understand that this is your space so how do you organize your workspace at work.

Lay low and listen

It is very important on the very first day you should not talk very loudly. You should not attract too much attention to yourself. So I would like to say keep a low profile and try to listen as much as you can.

Nail down names

On the very first day, you will able to remember a few people’s names and call them by names it can be a good first impression of yourself.

Take a breather

Important to take a breather is to relax take a breath on the first day don’t take too much hyper. Try to relax and breathe normally.

Thank the office assistants

Last but not least it’s very important to thanks the office assistants. Try to thanks all the people who helped you on the first day. The persons the maids whoever is there at the office it’s important to be humble and nice to be everybody.

6H Model for a Corporate World

Now we will be discussing how to smooth transition with the corporate world. Here are the 6 important factors in the corporate world.


Honesty, Just I would like to say that honesty is the best policy nobody likes who around people are dishonest. Well if you are entering the corporate world please be honest to yourself and to your work.


Be humble, humility is something who always looked up upon. Never look down on people always speak to the people in a nice manner and polite manner. Try to be as humble as you can.

Hard work

Well,  Hard work is something that we cannot do something in the corporate world while important to work hard I would also like to add work smartly.

Human Values

Human values are very important. No, what your values and principles are not what your integrity is, or never compromise on those values.


Don’t worry here we will not talk about food hunger. But what I am trying to make you understand is a hunger to learn, hunger to achieve and hunger to be a good leader or hunger for something which you help you in the corporate world.


Health is wealth. Let’s understand how to keep ourselves healthy. It is important to keep yourself healthy so try to maintain yourself healthy as much you can.

Behavioral Traits Expected

When you are entering the corporate world nobody will tell you to need to behave like this. It is something that you have to do for yourself. So let’s understand what’s the behavioral traits are.


Be self-motivated does not look for motivation from the outside trying to be their own leader, trying to be their own motivator.


Yes, there will be a lot of competition in the corporate world. So try and have healthy competition. Do not try to put someone down just put yourself as a winner.


Try having an approachable attitude or a positive attitude and people will come flocking to you.


Have good leadership skills.


Have a lot of patience, It is important to have patience if you are entering the corporate world. Be patient with everybody and everywhere.


Try to have a positive state of mind. Don’t ever think into a negative zone. Try to think negative into a positive thing. And that will make you your life in the corporate world as beautiful as you wanted to be.

Accountability & Responsibility

These are important word accountability and responsibility. These are something which is aspected by an employer into an employee.

Let’s understand what these terminologies are.

Responsibility:  employees accepting the power being given to them and the obligation to perform. So your manager or your leader might assign you some work so you have the responsibility to make sure to complete your task.

Accountability: Reports back on accepted responsibility. It means that taking ownership of those actions you might be assigned to you or not might be assigned to you.

In other words, Responsibility is given to you, and Accountability you take own yourself.

Employees are accountable for

  • Each other
  • Bosses
  • Customers
  • Investors or Stack holders

Taking Personal Accountability

Be on time

Nobody will tell you if you are not on time but it’s important to have your own punctuality. Try to reach the office at least 15 minutes before the actual time of reporting.

Don’t call in ill when all well

If you are genuinely ill then you can take leave but if you are all well and just you want to bunk office don’t do that calling in sick.

Do what is expected

Most to you complain too much work extra workload. Try whatever expected to you in a positive attitude.

During work hours- only work

During work, hours do not play games or chat with your friends for long hours on the phone. At your workplace, it is time to work these are things which you can do after your office hours. And this is something that will hold you responsible and accountable for.

Cubicles & Work Stations Ethics

Cubicles and work stations are the most important areas in the workplace. So it is most important to keeping certain areas decorum and respecting each other cubicle places as well as workstations.

  • Respect each individuals privacy
  • No loud noises
  • The distraction that interrupts or annoy others
  • Take permission before entering other cubicles
  • Do not take or use other items without asking
  • Avoid eating at work stations/ no smells

The corporate Attire- Dress For Success

We need to have dressed up very very appropriately at the workplace we need to wear a crisp and clean shirt or Trousers should be contrasted with the shirts. Suppose if you are wearing a white color shirt then trousers should be black or brown in color. Make sure everything clean and ironed well.

We need to make sure our shoes are polished and not looked tattled. It’s important to wear good and clean shocks only. Do not wear fancy buckles belts. And don’t over accessories yourself

Etiquette and manners

This is one of the most important modules in the Campus of Corporate World. In the corporate world, there are certain expectations from you. Let’s understand what these expectations are

  • Art of Handshakes & Introductions
  • Art of Exchanging Business Cards
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Meeting Etiquette
  • Email Etiquette
  • Conclusion

Handshake & Introductions

  1. We need to have the art of good handshake ideas to introduce. It is very essential you pay a lot of attention to the particular part of the module which will really help you to have a good corporate career.
  2. In a handshake the most important you need to do you always handshake with your right hand only, Never ever do with your left hand. And righthand go up in a vertical fashion.
  3. Make sure you are able to hold the other person’s hand in a crisp and clear manner. They should not be any sweaty palms or not have any dirt, dust in your palm.
  4. Pump two to three times from the elbow look into the eyes of the person, smile, and then do a handshake. that’s the correct way to do a handshake.
  5. Well if I have to say, Should you remove the hand first when your handshake with the women. Yes, if you are doing a handshake with a woman always make sure that you hold out a hand firstly and grasp a lady hand out in a very form and gentle manner.
  6. A good handshake is very important because it talks that you are confident.

Exchanging Business Cards

Well, business cards are the most important thing in the workplace how you need to exchange business cards is very important.

  1. Always hold the business cards with both the hands never ever with the left hand only.
  2. It is important to hold the very tip of the business cards. Give your cards in a manner
  3. The person to whom you are giving cards the card should be facing that person not something facing to you.
  4. The person who received the card needs to have received with both hands and always look down on the card and give a slight comment Ooo… That’s a Nice card etc.

Meeting Etiquette

When you start working in the corporate world there will be a lot of meeting that you need to go for. Where meetings are the area where you have to make a good impression. So let’s understand what kind of manner you should have in a meeting.

  1. The first thing is you need to be on time never ever arrive late even a 5 minute late that can be a big blunder. If fact I would advise arriving 15 minutes early or 10 minutes early from the meeting.
  2. Make sure to always carry a note pad and a pen. It is very ridiculous to as to your neighbor to ask for a notepad or a pen.
  3. the third thing is always to have your phone on silent.
  4. You have to a good listener in a meeting do not interrupt someone when you are talking.
  5. Try and ask as many questions as you can clarify all your doubts in a meeting.

Telephone Etiquette

Now when you are working in a workstation it’s important to have good telephone etiquette.

  1. Here I am talking about your own cellphones try not to talk a very long period of time on your phone while your work it does not give a good impression.
  2. Try and keep your phones in low volume. It is important to keep short conversations and to the point.
  3. When you are on the phone mind your body language. Sit up straight mind your posture and gesture. If you are in an angry mood do not attend your phone calls.

Business Emails

Anything related to the corporate world do not complete if you do not speak about business communication. Emails are the best way to communicate with the corporate sector.

  1. If important to write a meaningful subject line
  2. Keep the message focused
  3. Avoid too many attachments
  4. Be kind, don’t flame
  5. Respond promptly
  6. Proofread.

Mantras for Successful In Corporate Carrier

  1. Expose yourself to successful people
  2. Don’t gossip
  3. Challenge yourself continuously. Out of your comfort size
  4. Maintain good relations with bosses & colleagues
  5. Don’t flatter your boss
  6. Personal integrity is crucial
  7. Always be punctual
  8. Never take things personally


Well, we have discussed all the important things that will help you to work in the corporate world.  Please follow all of these if you want to succeed in the corporate world. Thank you so much for reading this give a positive comment and suggestion if you like this.

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