Active Passive Voice Simple Future With Examples

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Today in this article we will study the rules Simple Future passive voice with examples. To change into Active to passive voice you must have an idea about basic rules of Active passive voice.

Begin to start firstly I would like to inform you that change Future continuous tense and Future perfect continuous tense into passive form is useless. So we will not study about that.

Now let’s talk about How to change Simple future tense into passive form with Structures and Examples.

Forms Of Verb: Voice ( Simple Future)

A study about forms of the verb means Voice is widely used in English Speaking. Learn Here active Passive voice oof Simple future in English and Hindi With Examples.

Rule: In Simple Future shows that work will definitely complete in the future.

Sound: Aa Jaayega, E Jaayegi, A Jaayenge

Structure: Subject + Shall be/ Will be +V3 (Past participle )

Some Examples:

Active: A boy will study

Passive: A boy will be taught.

Active: Roads will maintain

Passive: Roads will be maintained

Active: We will not admit candidates under twenty.

Passive: Candidates under twenty will not be admitted.

Active: We shall do it again.

Passive: It will be done again.

Active: She will teach him a lesson.

Passive: He will be taught a lesson by her.

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So, guys, these are the Examples Past perfect tense of passive voice. Now what you need to do Just use these sentences in your Daily English Speaking During Conversation or Itself to improve your fluency.
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