Sentence Related to Position, Existence, or Place With Examples

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Today we are going to study position, existence, or place type of sentences. These types of sentences mostly used. These sentences show the existence or exact place of the subject or things.

Structure: There + Verb(is/are) + Indefinite noun pron. Subject + prep. /adv. + noun


1. Iss Kuwen Me Medhak Hain.There are frogs in this well.
2. Table Par Kitaaben HainThere are books on the table.
3. Mere Gaav Me Ex Mandir HaiThere is a temple in my village.
4. Chhat Par Bandar Hain.There are monkeys on the roof.
5. Iss Shahar Ke Paas Bazar HaiThere is a market near this town.

Adverbs of place:

  • Above
  • around
  • Below
  • Down
  • Anywhere
  • Here
  • There
  • There
  • Nowhere
  • Under
  • Up


  • At
  • Before
  • Behind
  • Beyond
  • By
  • In
  • On
  • Over
  • In front of
1. Maa Ke Pichhe Ek Bachha HaiThere is a child behind the mother
2. Ped Ke Niche Ek Gaay HaiThere is a cow under the tree.
3. Uske Sir Ke Upar Ek Talwaar HaiThere is a sword over his head.
4. Shaer Ke Pass Ek Nadi HaiThere is a river by the town.
5. School Ke Saamne Ek Sadak Hai.There is a road in front of the School.
6. Wahan Ek Gaay HaiThere is a cow over there.
7. Wahan Ek Talab HaiThere is a tank there.
8.Maidaan Me ladke Khel Rahe HainBoys are paying in the field.
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