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Use of Prepositions, Adverbs in a Sentence with Examples

Today we will discuss the use of prepositions, adverbs in a sentence as well as with examples. Sentences related to positions, existence, or place.

Let’s see examples

  • There is a frog in well.
  • There is a temple in my village.

These type of sentences shows that any person/substance is in position by the above sentences shows that existence of the subjects. So structure should be like this.

Prepositions, Adverbs in a Sentence with Examples

Structure: There + verb be [is/are] + indefinite noun pron.[subject] + Prep./Adverb + noun


  • There are crocodiles in this lake.
  • There are books on the table.
  • There is a cow at my home.
  • There is a market near this town.
  • There is a garden here.

Adverbs of place

Here I am sharing some adverbs which we often use it in sentences, so you must read this carefully. I think some of them, you may have aware of all these adverbs.

Above , around, below, down, anywhere, here, there, nowhere, under and Up etc.


Some prepositions are used in these sentences. Simply, I am making you aware of prepositions. If you don’t have any idea about grammar rules read parts of the speech.

At, before, behind, beyond, by, in, on, over, in front of etc.”


  • There is a road in front of the school.
  • There is a child behind the mother.
  • There is a cow under the tree.
  • There is a sword over his head.
  • There is a river by the town.
  • There is a man over there.

Structure: Subject + verb + adverb/ preposition [showing place]


  • The signal is up.
  • He lives in Kolkata.
  • She works in an office.
  • The signal is down.
  • She lives in Patna.
  • He is at home.
  • He is on the death-bed.

Download Infographic of use of prepositions in Sentences

use of prepositions
use of prepositions in sentences

Work for You

Now it’s your turn to implement these types of sentences and keep practicing it. One thing keeps in your mind. If you want to speak in English fluently you have to practise either while speaking or writing. It doesn’t matter. Thanks for reading.

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