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Everything You Need to Know About Cargo & Container Ships

Ever questioned what the distinction between cargo and a container ship is? Ever desired to be aware of precisely what a cargo ship is and whether or not or now not there are exclusive sorts of cargo and container ships? You’ve come to the proper place!

To reply to the first question, the distinction between a cargo ship and a container ship is that a container ship is a kind of cargo ship. They each lift cargo – or freight – albeit in barely extraordinary ways.

In this article we’ll take a nearer seem to be at each container and cargo ship – and the many distinct sorts and classifications that fall beneath these categories.
Everything you want to comprehend about cargo and container ships
Cargo and container ships are a massive section of the service provider navy (or service provider marines.) Used for transporting a range of goods, merchandise, and substances through the sea from one port to another, it’s probable now not all that shocking that the delivery enterprise is accountable for the transportation of 90% of international trade.
What that potential is that there is a mind-boggling quantity of cargo ships traversing the world’s oceans at any given second in time.

(By the way, you may additionally hear container and cargo ships being referred to as freight ships or freighters. Freight, of course, being any other phrase for cargo.)

So what kind of cargo, or freight, do these vessels carry? How about something and everything?!

In fact, due to the giant portions of merchandise and substances cargo ships are tasked with carrying from A to B, vessels are virtually divided into classes relying on the kind of cargo.


shipping containers in a port below a blue cloudy sky.
Different kinds of cargo ships
Generally speaking, cargo ships can be categorized into eight exclusive types, relying on the freight that they carry. These are:

Cargo ships: Carry items such as clothing, machinery, food, furnishings, and different freight that can be packaged.
Multi-purpose vessels: Carry a range of exceptional kinds of freight of each a dry and liquid nature.
Bulk carriers: Carry unfastened items that are no longer packaged such as coal, cement, sand, and grains, etc.
Tankers (including oil tankers and chemical tankers): Carry oil, chemicals, petroleum, and gas.
Container ships: Also lift packaged goods, like cargo ships, however, the distinction is, that freight will be saved in delivery containers.
Reefer ships Are refrigerated to lift perishable items such as meat and fish, dairy produce, and fruit and vegetables.
RoRo ships: Short for roll-on / roll-off, RoRo ships lift wheeled cargo – cars, vans, trucks, trailers, etc. – which can then, you guessed it, be rolled on and off a vessel.
Feeder ships: These are small to mid-sized container ships that ‘feed’ large vessels with containers. They generally run from a port to a central hub or container terminal turning in containers that are to be picked up via every other ship.

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