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What is the process for applying for a Canadian study permit?

Is Canada the place you would like to complete your high school or postsecondary education? Many international students choose Canada as their top study destination. In addition to high-quality teaching methodologies, the country offers valuable degrees. International students study at Canadian universities each year in excess of 130,000. Aside from its excellent education system, Canada also offers a vibrant culture and numerous opportunities. There are three main aspects of Canadian academic institutions that are emphasized: research, scientific publishing, and international collaborations. To have the best chance of obtaining a Canadian study permit, you need to have a clear understanding of everything you need to know about student Visas in Canada.

Processing of applications

In order to obtain a Canadian study permit, there are several steps to take:

  • Ensure that you are eligible for a Canadian study permit by checking your eligibility.
  • Documents required by each country of citizenship and residence vary but generally include an acceptance letter from a DLI and proof of financial support.
    Meet all of the eligibility criteria to obtain a study permit.
  • Be sure to gather all the necessary documents for your country.
  • Study permits can be denied by immigration officers if they feel an applicant does not meet all requirements, so it is important to seek the assistance of a qualified immigration consultant before submitting your application.


In order to maintain the validity of your study permit if your study permit is approved, you must meet the requirements below. Studying in Canada requires a foreign national to comply with the following requirements:

  • Keep your enrollment at a Designated Learning Institution the entire time
  • Completing their program in a timely manner
  • Any study permit conditions must be adhered to by the student
  • Those who are no longer meeting the requirements should stop studying
  • Upon expiration of their permit, they must leave Canada
  • Designated Learning Institutions: What are they?
  • If you enroll in a designated learning institution (DLI), you will be able to get a Canada student visa.
  • In DLIs, international students can be hosted by schools or universities that have received government approval for hosting them.
  • There are many universities and other educational institutions in Canada that are not certified DLIs, including all primary and secondary schools in Canada.
  • Even if they accept you, you cannot attend them.
  • Do not apply to those. Research the DLI status of a university or educational institution. Visas for Canadians can be obtained from the Government of Canada website.
  • It will generate a list of all DLIs in your province or territory once you select the province or territory.
  • DLI status can be checked there if you wish to apply to a particular institution.
  • You can study at the institution until your study permit expires if the institution loses its DLI status while you’re enrolled.
  • The new study permit can only be obtained through a DLI if your permit expires before you have completed your degree.

What are the requirements for a student visa to Canada?

Please submit the following supporting documents along with the forms:

  • Verify the validity of your passport by scanning it.
  • Have your entire passport scanned to show that it contains blank pages, along with your travel history.
  • Proof that you have a clean criminal record from your local court and police;
  • You need to write a Declaration Letter explaining why you should be granted a student visa and study permit by the Government of Canada.
  • Canada Photo Requirements are met by two photos.
  • Examinations by a physician.
  • Through a resume or diploma, you can indicate your employment or educational status.
  • One or more of the following proofs of your ability to cover the expenses of studying in Canada (tuition and living expenses):
  • You must be able to prove that you have a Canadian bank account;
  • A Canadian financial institution must issue a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC).
  • It is essential that you provide proof that you took out a bank loan for your studies.
  • At least four months’ worth of bank statements is required.
  • It is necessary for you to have proof that your tuition and housing fees have already been paid.
  • The person or institution giving you the money must provide you with a letter.
  • Proof of scholarship eligibility is required.
  • The Quebec government also requires a Certificat Acceptance du Quebec (CAQ) to be submitted if you’re studying in the province. A CAQ application form will be given to you by your school.
  • An explanation letter should be submitted with a guarantee that you understand your responsibilities as a Canadian student and why you would like to study there.
  • It is also necessary to submit a Custodian Declaration Form if a minor is going to Canada to study and does not have a parent who will be the custodian. Parents or legal guardians must sign the Custodian Declaration Form.

Applicants who are applying for the first time do not need a Unique Client Identification (UCI) on the study permit. When applying for a study permit for the first time, you will have to write the document number of the study permit, which you can find in your Canadian Government letters.
The forms must be ready for your family members (spouse or common-law partner, children under 18 years old), or they must apply with you as a family.

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