CAB Full Form – What Is CAB ?

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Definition :Cricket Association of Bengal
Category : sports

Country / Region : India/ bengal

What is Full Form of cab?

The Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) is the governing body for cricket in the Indian state of West Bengal.

President: Avishek Dalmiya

Headquarters: Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy Club 

Membership: Board of Control for Cricket in India


What is a cab President?

Avishek Dalmiya

Cricket Association of Bengal/Presidents

How is BCCI president elected?

The president is elected at the BCCI's Annual General Meeting with each of the 30 affiliates of the BCCI getting a vote. The outgoing president also has a vote as chairman of the meeting. The post is rotated zone-wise across India and a person can hold the post of BCCI president for a maximum of three years.

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