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Cryptography And Network Security (April 2022)

If we talk about cryptography the objectives of the models are to define the security bol attacks and services and how they are related to the security goals.

 Cryptography and network security is a subject that defines the security mechanism to provide security devices.  Through the technique of cryptography to implement the security mechanism, lots of concepts in network security that we will discuss in this Nation keep reading carefully. Read more about Cryptography And Network Security 

Cryptography And Network Security 

Cryptography And Network Security

Security goals 

The protection afforded to an automated information system in order to attain the applicable objectives of measuring the confidentially, e-integrity, and availability of information system resources (including hardware, software,  information, and data) 

The three concepts described the fundamental security objectives for both data and for information and computing services:

  1.  Confidentiality
  2. Integrity 
  3. Availability

The actual implementation of security goals needs some techniques:

 there are four different techniques that are: 

1) Cryptography 

2) Steganography 

3) Watermarking 

4) Hashing


The art and science of concealing the messages to introduce secrecy in information security are each recognized as cryptography.

Cryptography is a basic building block in computer security.  cryptography, award with origin Crypto means “secret” graphy means “writing”. The art of transforming messages to make them secure and immune to attacks. Cryptography in valves three different mechanisms symmetric-key, Encipherment, asymmetric-key encipherment, and hashing which in turn ensured the continuous evolution of cryptography as well.

Components of  cryptosystem

  •  Plain text: This is the original intelligible message or data that is fed into the algorithm as input.
  •  Encryption Algorithm: The Encryption Algorithm performs various substitutions and transformations on the plaintext.
  •  Secret key: The key is a value independent of the plaintext and of the algorithm. the algorithm will produce a different output depending on the specific key being used at the time.
  • Ciphertext: This is the scrambled message produced as output. it depends on the plain text and the secret key for a given message.
  •  Decryption algorithm: This is the Reverse of the Encryption Algorithm. it takes a ciphertext and the secret key to produce the original plain text.
  •  Cryptanalyst: The objective of the cryptanalyst in all cases is to be able to decrypt New pieces of ciphertext without additional information. the idea of a Credit analyst is to extract the secret key.

 a person expert in analyzing and breaking codes and ciphers called cryptanalyst.

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