How to Self Quarantine at Home? Procedures under Covid-19

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Caring for your health is very very important. Today I gonna share with you How to self Quarantine at your home. All the procedures I have been shared here read it carefully if you are under Covid-19.

All over the countries till now covid cases have been decreases. But, still, now we have to be aware of it and use the precautions for being safe. Wear your mask always and use a sanatizer.

Here I have shared some major self-quarantine procedures that you must follow if you are under covid-19 and not going to the hospital. Otherwise, I would recommend you to go to your nearest covid-19 hospitals.

Let’s read carefully these procedures and follow them.

How to self Quarantine under Covid-19

Procedures for self-quarantine under Covid-19 are recommended for individuals who have been directly exposed to the new Coronavirus or have a history of travel in infected or heavily populated areas.

1. Stay at Home

Limit all non-essential travels better for you that is don’t go in public places. Unless you are going out for food, medicines, or other essentials.

2. Wash your hands

Practice good hand hygiene by washing your hands with soap and water or using alcohol or hand sanitizer.

3. Check your Temperature

Always check your temperature at least two times a day when you are quarantine at your home.

4. Stay in a specific room

If you are sick or suspect yourself to be sick, it’s best for you and your family that you must stay in a specific room and with some essential utilities.

5. Watch for other symptoms

Aside from fever, covid-19 includes cough, difficulty in breathing, and fatigue. so must be aware of this.

6. Practice social distancing

If you need to go out maintain at least 2 meters (6 feet) distance from others better to be don’t go outside.

7. Call your doctor or hospital before visiting

If you need to seek medical attention whether of viral symptoms or any reasons contact your doctor or hospital ahead of time so they can prepare and take precautions for your arrival.

how to self quarantine

So, these are the procedures by which you can self quarantine at your home and follow the rules. I hope you love it further, If you have any queries regarding this kindly comment below. we will definitely reach out.


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