10 Phrasal Verbs for Health In English

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During English speaking, Phrasal verbs often use but what if you don’t know any phrases when you are discussing health. Here I have shared the best 10 Phrasal verbs for health which often use during conversation.

What is Phrasal verbs? Why it is Important

Phrasal verbs are short phrases sentences often used as verbs of the sentences describe the overall meaning. In other ways, Phrases are a group of words that work together to communicate an element of speech.

So, here are the phrasal verbs read them carefully, this will enhance your English Speaking.

10 Phrasal Verbs for Health

  1. To keel over
  2. Fight off
  3. Pass out
  4. To throw up
  5. To break out
  6. To go around
  7. Pass away
  8. Come down with
  9. Get over
  10. To let up

10 phrases for health

To Keel over: to fall over, especially when you feel unwell.

Example: One day his mother keel over due to a heart attack.

Fight Off
: free yourself from any illness.

Example: My body couldn’t fight the infection off

Throw up: to omit.

Example: If you want to throw up, just go to the bathroom.

Pass out
: faint, lose consciousness.

Example: People were passing out from the heat.

To break out
: to develop suddenly and forcefully.

To go around
: To spread from person to person.

Example: Covid-19 cases to go around all over the world.

Pass away
: die.

Example: His cousin uncle pass away one day ago.

Come down with: becoming sick.

Example: I think, I am not well. I come down with a fever.

Get over: recovering.

Example: I think, I am getting over form fever.

To let up
: diminish

Example: Most colds let up after 7 or 10 days.


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