Irregular Verbs | Past & Present Participle

Present Inf.Past Tense  Past ParticiplePresent Participle 
to arisearosearisenarising
to awakeawokeawakedawaking
to backbitebackbitbackbittenbackbiting
to bewas/werebeenbeing
to bearborebornbearing
to beatbeatbeatenbeating
to becomebecamebecomebecoming
to begetbegotbegottenbegetting
to beginbeganbegunbeginning
to bendbentbent/bendedbending
to besetbesetbesetbesetting
to bidbid/badebid/biddenbidding
to bindboundboundbinding
to bitebitbit/bittenbiting
to bleedbledbledbleeding
to blendblent/blendedblent/blendedblending
to blessblessed/blestblessed/blestblessing
to blowblewblownblowing
to breakbrokebrokenbreaking
to breedbredbredbreeding
to bringbroughtbroughtbringing
to broadcastbroadcastbroadcastbroadcasting
to buildbuiltbuiltbuilding
to burnburnt/burnedburntburning
to burstburstburstbursting
to buyboughtboughtbuying
to castcastcastcasting
to catchcaughtcaughtcatching
to chidechidchid/chiddenchiding
to choosechosechosenchoosing
to cleavecleft/clovecleft/clovecleaving
to clingclungclungclinging
to clotheclothed/cladclothed/cladclothing
to comecamecomecoming
to costcostcostcosting
to creepcreptcreptcreeping
to crowcrowed/crewcrowedcrowing
to cutcutcutcutting
to daredared/durstdareddaring
to dealdealtdealtdealing
to digdugdugdigging
to dodiddonedoing
to drawdrewdrawndrawing
to dreamdreamed/dreamtdreamed/dreamtdreaming
to drinkdrankdrunkdrinking
to drivedrovedrivendriving
to dwelldweltdweltdwelling
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