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Sherwin Williams | How to Choose Paint

Hello, I’m Jennifer. Today’s video is
going to be part two of some of my very favorite paint colors. We are going
to take a look at Sherwin Williams’s paint today.
So let’s get started. So several weeks ago
i did a video on my favorite Benjamin Moore colors
and I had several of you ask me, could I share my very favorite Sherwin Williams
colors. So that’s what I’m going to do today
but before we get started, I would like to share with you some
really great painting tips that I hope will save you both time
and money. Tip number one: I call it the white paper test
and that is sometimes when you’re looking at a color, this is actually in
the white

sherwin williams paints

Family, it looks really really light
but if you hold it up against a stark white
piece of paper, then you’re going to see the intensity of the color.
So tip number two and this one is super cool. If you go
on the Sherwin-Williams website, they have what’s called
Color Snap Visualizer. You type in the color you like,
choose a room you’d like to see it in, and it pops that color
up and you can switch colors in and out and what’s even neater is if you go to
the bottom, there’s a little button and it lets you
see what this paint color is going to look like in the daytime
and what it’s going to look like in the nighttime.
Tip number three is about storing your paint. Now when you’re done painting a
room and you only have a little bit of

sherwin williams paint sale

Paint left in that big gallon container,
if you go to the home improvement store they have empty small
court cans. Pour your paint in there, pop the lid on, and you have a whole lot less
clutter in your garage. Now let me share with you three tips
that my viewers told me about in the last video. These
were super impressive. Melissa Griffin, she says that
for her touch-up paint, she buys the little empty two ounce bottles
and puts each room the paint in that marks it, keeps that in her house and
that way she can pull them out and touch up
the walls. Super easy. Verlene Howard, she told me that her painter tells her
to keep her paint from drying out that before you put the lid on,
put a little saran wrap over the top and then pop your lid on.
Now in my last video, I was talking to

You about touch-up paint and how when
paint’s been on the wall for a long time you know it can kind of get a little
dirty, even though we’re really clean, if you slap that fresh coat of paint on
there it’s just going to stand out. So what I like to do is, water
it down just a little bit and apply it all
around that little mark so it all feathers in
and blends in. Now, Susan Pike told me two tips that were super smart. She said
whatever application you use to put that paint on the wall the very first time,
make sure you do it the same the second time. So if you rollered it on,
make sure when you touch up you use a roller. If you brushed it on, make sure
you touch it up with a brush. I had some really smart viewers and I
really appreciate you guys sharing that.

sherwin williams paint

So tip number four, let’s talk about
sheen. You have your high gloss that works really well on trim and
molding. Semi-gloss, a little less shiny again
works really well on trim and molding. And then you have
satin. I love this sheen in a kitchen, a bathroom, a laundry room
because it cleans really well. Eggshell is my top favorite for the main
sheen throughout the house. It’s not too shiny and again
it cleans really well. Now, I said this in my last video
that in my opinion flat paint should only go on the ceiling. I have so
many clients that have brand new builds and the builders have used flat paint
and within months they’re so frustrated because

Paint tends to mark super easy. I mean
you can just walk by it with a suitcase and you’ve
made a mark on the wall. Now having said that, Sherwin- Williams
has a flat washable paint. I
have not used it and I would love to hear anybody who has used it
what your thoughts are about it because this may be a serious game-changer.
Tip number five, this is an amazing company called Samplize and you go online, you put your color in, and they will send
you a sample of that paint within days for
$5.95. The sheet of paper is 12 by 12. When you
get it, you can peel the back off of it. It can be stuck to your wall so that you can see how it looks, both
in the daytime and the night be sure to Do that, comes right off.

sherwin-williams paint

No more sample paint cans. I mean it is such a smart company.
Tip number six. On a paint deck or if you get a larger sample
of the paint card, there’s going to be three letters on the
back, LRV and there’s going to be a number beside them.
LRV stands for light reflective value. Now in the last video, I explained
the two paint terms. There’s hue and that is just
what the color is. The hue is orange. The hue is purple. The hue is
red. That’s just the color. The value is the intensity of the color.
So the LRV, light-reflective value. Now it goes from 0 to 100.
The lower the number, the less light that’s going to be reflected.
The higher the number, the more light that’s going to be reflected.
So look on the back of this card. This

Color is tricorn black.
The LRV is three. That is a low number. That means you’re not going to get
much light reflecting on this card. This one
is Mindful Gray. The LRV is 48 so you’re going to have some reflective
light. The third one is Alabaster and it’s an 82.
That means it’s going to reflect a lot of light.
So paying attention to the LRV helps you understand how a color is
going to respond in a room. One other tip- Cole, one of my
design assistants, shared this with me and she had heard that if there’s a
certain paint color that seems popular, either bloggers are blogging about it,
it’s on Instagram or Pinterest, that means not only is that color just
popular, that means that color has worked. So
don’t reinvent the wheel.

I thought that was brilliant. Before we
jump into all the colors, I’m super excited because I had
a few Instagrammers and bloggers agree to let me share their photos of some of
the colors that I’m going to talk about and how they used it in their space.
Okay first color we’re going to talk about is white.
White can be tricky. When we moved into our house we had a red brick house
and we knew we wanted to paint it white and I came home
with 10 different samples of white and yes I tested
each one of them until we got the right one.
Now, when it comes to white paint, most of my clients are going to ask me what
white paint to choose for trim. So whites will be either they will be a
cool white or they’re going to be more of a warm

sherwin williams paint colors online

And before I tell them what color i
think they should pick for the trim, I usually like to know well what color
are we going to paint on the wall? So looking at these two colors right
here. This is Alabaster. It’s more of a warm
white. Snowbound is more of a cool white.
So what color are you going to paint the room? This color is Stardew
and this color is Oyster Bay. Oyster Bay is a little bit more warm so I’m going
to pair it with Alabaster and the Stardew is a little bit cool so
i’m going to pair it with the cool white. Pairing those together will get
the combination perfect. The next color I want to talk about is
green. So for a very light one that’s it’s actually green,
blue, gray.

I know you’re thinking pick a lane but
it is such a beautiful color it’s called Sea Salt.
Let me share this picture with you from Stephanie. This is @buildingourhumblehome She used this color in her living room
and I thought it just looked beautiful.
It’s got a beautiful coastal vibe. It’s a very happy color.
You can also use Sea Salt in a laundry room or a bathroom.
So for another light green, not quite as light as Sea Salt,
is Oyster Bay. I love that color. A medium green is Acacia Haze and then
for a darker green, I like Retreat and usually when
I’m picking darker colors, I am going to pick a color that is very
muted. And it’s muted because it’s got a little bit of gray in it
and to me that just once it’s on the

Wall it isn’t- have you ever painted a
room where you’re like oh my goodness I don’t know what I was thinking? That’s why I try to choose muted colors even if they’re dark, I try to keep them
muted. For a light blue there are two that i
really really like. One is called Stardew and the other one
is called Krypton and I’m so excited take a look at this.
This is Chrissy Marie. She has used this color in her kitchen and it is beautiful. My two favorite medium blue colors are called Rain and Storm Cloud and yeah
I thought about that later but that helps me remember it.
Then my favorite three dark colors
one is called Indigo Batik and let me show you a picture.
This is not a finished bathroom but this

Is my client’s bathroom they’re
wallpapering and wanted a really dark blue and it’s so far it’s looking
absolutely beautiful. Another dark color I like is Distance
and the third one I like is called Gale Force. For a few of my favorite gray colors, I
have one that is super popular it’s called Light
French Gray, is absolutely beautiful. Very airy and light I would use this in a
bedroom in a heartbeat. For the second color, Repose Gray. Take a
look at this. This is Jenna from Jenna Kate at Home.
She used this color in her kitchen and her living room. Now here’s another tip.
She took the Repose Gray in her living room and she actually
lightened it 50 percent. So if you’ve got a color you like
and say in one room you don’t have as

sherwin williams

Many windows, lighten it about fifty
percent. I have done that before and people swear it’s the same color in
both rooms. My third favorite gray is Mindful Gray.
Here is a picture of this color on the outside of a home. This is Amanda from
@LifeAmongTheCedars The Mindful Gray just looked warm
and inviting. If you want to try a super light gray color there’s one
called Nebulous White. I don’t know why it’s
named that because it really has gray in it
but take a look at this picture. This one is from Space Lift Staging and Redesign
and they used it on the board in baton. My goodness, I just thought this
room was beautiful. My three favorite greige colors, they’re a
little gray a little beige, hence the word greige, is
Mindful Gray, Worldly Gray, and Agreeable

Gray. Those are all three
super great colors. Now, for a more neutral color, no grays in it, very
neutral. Cole used this color in her living room
and here’s a picture of it. This is called Natural Tan.
She loved this color because she didn’t have a lot of light in the room
and this color did not make her room look dark.
Another great light beige color is Accessible Beige, Neutral Ground,
and Urban Putty. Urban Putty is going to be a little bit darker but it’s still a
very beautiful color. I’ve seen it done on kitchen cabinets as well. So my last favorite color I want to
share with you is a few black colors. One is called Peppercorn. Now, I did say
black but it’s really actually a really really
dark gray. Here’s a photo of it.

sherwin-williams paint colors

We used it in one of our client’s offices.
We just did a focal wall. It turned out so beautiful
and then once we put the artwork on that color, it just made it pop.
Loved it. The second black color I want to share with you
is Tricorn Black. Let me show you this photo.
This is, again, Amanda from @LifeAmongTheCedars and the cute puppy sitting in the front is Jack.
She painted her front door the Tricorn Black
and it turned out stunning. My last third favorite black color it’s going to be
Iron Ore. Don’t get intimidated by dark colors.
It will be amazing how even if you just use it on an accent wall,
that really will make the room very rich. Take a look at this picture,
this is Kate at Little House of Four.

She used it in a bedroom and I thought
it was lovely. The paint is tough.
I don’t care how long you’ve played in it, it’s just tough but I’m really hoping
that a lot of these suggestions will help cut out the frustration for
you guys. Be sure to subscribe to my channel, because we’re gonna have more
videos coming out later. Everybody stay safe and stay well. Have a
great day. start over it’s okay and
you go on what try to say it was called the hot but it’s supposed to be a flat plain fat that was oh close

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