Writing Skill exercise Spoken English Tips

spoken English Tips

Want to improve your writing skills here are some basic examples that you can learn and practice.

Test your knowledge of idioms:

1. Drag up a child – bring up a child without proper training
2. Done to a turn –extremely well done
3. Drop out –cease to complete
4. Drop-outs –those who withdraw
5. Exact from –demand and get from
6. Feather in one’s cap –something  one may feel proud of
7. Follow something up- pursue
8. Heart and soul –completely, with utter dedication

Advertisement writing:

You have already practiced writing an advertisement in Std. IX.
Advertisements are techniques used to promote business and trade. The more attractive they
are the more popular the product becomes.
Look at the advertisement given below:

Prepare advertisements  for the following products using the appropriate language:
(a) Long-lasting pens for examinations
(b) Newly invented vehicle
(c) Latest model electronic gadget

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