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12 colours name | Examples

12 colours name: Hii! Are you searching for 12 colors name with pictures then you are right place. Today, I gonna share with you 12 colors’ name in English with picture also with examples.

Color is the glory of the world, and it gives us a visual impression of it. In English, here is a list of various colours:

12 colours name

The name of the colour is simple to remember and beneficial to our knowledge. Knowing the name of a colour is useful because it allows us to quickly identify objects. Color names are essential for young children and school-aged children. If you wish to learn the names of colours in English, you can find them all here, along with photographs of the hues.

12 colours name

12 Colours Name with Image

Sr NoImage12 colours name
1.12 colours nameRed
2.12 colours nameBlue
3.12 colours nameGreen
4.12 colours nameBlack
5.12 colours nameYellow
6.12 colours nameOrange
7.12 colours namePink
8.12 colours namePurple
9.12 colours nameBrown
10.12 colours nameGolden
11.12 colours nameCyan
12.12 colours nameSaffron

12 Colours Name with Pictures

1. Red

Red is associated with strong emotions ranging from rage, sacrifice, danger, and heat to love, and passion.

12 colours name

2. Blue

Blue is one of the major pigment colours used in painting. It is the hue of the ocean and the sky, and it is frequently associated with peace, stability, inspiration, knowledge, or health.

12 colours name

3. Green

Green is the visible spectrum colour that lies between blue and yellow. Green is the colour of harmony, balance, and progress.

12 colours name

4. Black

Power, dread, mystery, strength, authority, elegance, formality, death, evil, aggression, rebellion, and sophistication are all linked with black. The absence of colour is represented by the colour black. Black is an enigmatic colour that is often associated with the unknown or the negative.

12 colours name

5. Yellow

Yellow is the colour of sunshine and sunflowers, and it represents optimism, playfulness, and happiness. It is also linked to mental clarity and cognition. Because it is the most apparent colour from a distance, it is frequently employed as a warning colour.

12 colours name

6. Orange

Joy, warmth, heat, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, stimulation, happiness, fun, enjoyment, balance, sexuality, freedom, expression, and interest are all connected with the colour orange.

12 colours name

7. Pink

Pink is associated with youth, good health, and liveliness. It represents caring femininity and the flush of first love. Pink is the iconic hue of the breast cancer research movement, and we think of it as an innocent, pleasant colour.

12 colours name

8. Purple

Purple combines blue’s calm steadiness with red’s furious fury. Purple is frequently associated with monarchy, nobility, opulence, power, and ambition.

12 colours name

9. Brown

Brown is frequently perceived as substantial, similar to the ground, and it is a colour linked with durability, dependability, security, and safety. Loneliness, grief, and isolation are common emotions.

12 colours name

10. Golden

Some gold-colored goldenrod flowers are represented as dark goldenrod. The colour name implies peace, hope, and warmth.

12 colours name

11. Cyan

Cyan is made up of the hues blue and green, and their psychological effects are a mix of the two. It is commonly connected with the hues of vitality, youth, and energy.

12 colours name

12. Saffron

Saffron is a yellow or orange colour, originating from the tip of the saffron crocus thread from which the spice saffron is derived.

12 colours name

We hope you enjoyed our post about the names of the 12 colours in English. You are welcome to forward this article to your friends. So that they might learn the names of 12 colours.

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