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50+ List of all Trees Name in English with Pictures [2022]

Hii! Everyone, Do you wanna know about the list of Trees name in English? Today I gonna help you to resolve your problem. I have collected the list of Trees Name in English for you. Also with help of this article, you will be able to simply learn the names of all the trees in English, which will always be beneficial to you.

Trees Name

We are all aware that trees play an important function in our ecosystem. Different varieties of trees can be found in woods around the world, some of which are tall, some very tall, some little, and some extremely small.

There are certain common trees and fruit trees that provide simple and nutritious fruits that we can eat, and some people use the wood of the trees. In the summer, we also benefit greatly from the shade of trees.

List of Trees Name in English

trees name
  1. Birch
  2. Grapevine
  3. Cane
  4. Flax
  5. Toona
  6. Mast Tree
  7. Guava Tree
  8. Jack Fruit Tree
  9. Coconut Tree
  10. Betel Nut Tree
  11. Apricot Tree
  12. Bael Tree
  13. Gulmohar Tree
  14. Curry Tree
  15. Eucalyptus Tree
  16. Mohwa Tree
  17. Amla Tree
  18. Papaya Tree
  19. Khejri Tree (Shami)
  20. Bamboo
  21. Peepal
  22. Oak
  23. Date Palm
  24. Sheesham
  25. Ironwood
  26. Alstonia
  27. Walnut
  28. Nutmeg 
  29. Jute
  30. Sapodilla
  31. Delonix Regia
  32. Deodar Cedar
  33. Cactus
  34. Ebony
  35. Mango Tree
  36. Banana Tree
  37. Tamarind Tree
  38. Bastard Teak
  39. Sorrowless Tree
  40. Rudraksha Tree
  41. Banyan
  42. Babul (Acacia)
  43. Neem
  44. Sandalwood
  45. Pine
  46. Teakwood
  47. Casuarina Tree
  48. Custard Apple Tree
  49. Cannon-Ball Tree
  50. Palm Tree
  51. Apple Tree
  52. Sal Tree
  53. Pomegranate Tree
  54. Rubber Plant
  55. Conifer
  56. Cypress
  57. Polyalthia
  58. Sassafras
  59. Shadbush
  60. Red Spruce
  61. White Spruce
  62. Sycamore
  63. Tulip Tree
  64. Black Walnut
  65. Black Willow

List of Big Trees Name in English

  1. Teakwood Tree
  2. Banyan Tree
  3. Peepal Tree
  4. Oak Tree
  5. Tamarind Tree

Trees name in Details


When a banyan’s seed germinates in a crack or fissure of a host tree or building, it becomes an epiphyte or a plant that grows on another plant.


Teak is a Lamiaceae (tropical hardwood tree) species. It’s a huge deciduous tree found in mixed hardwood woods.


Ficus religiosa, sometimes known as sacred fig, is a species of fig native to India and Indochina that belongs to the Moraceae, or fig or mulberry family. The bodhi tree is also known as the Pipal tree, peepul tree, peepal tree, pipal tree, or ashvattha tree.


Oak is a tree or shrub of the beech family Fagaceae’s genus Quercus. There are around 500 species of oaks left on the planet.


Tamarind (Tamarindus indica) is a tropical African leguminous tree that produces edible fruit.

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