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About meaning Hindi

About meaning
बारे में
About, concerning, in or with reference to, in regard of, with regard of
विषय में
concerning, regarding, About, in, or with reference to
के संबंध में
with respect to, with regard to, in regard to, in the matter of, pertaining to, About
के बारे में
about, regarding, concerning, pertaining to
के विषय में
concerning, about, regarding, by
के समीप
by, about
almost, nearly, about, circa, quasi, practically
चारों ओर
around, round, about, in all directions, throughout
here and there, hither and thither, back and forth, thereabouts, thereabout, about
about meaning
What is Hindi meaning of Please?

Hindi meaning of please is “Kripya”

What is thi meaning is Hindi?

thi meaning in hindi is “Was”.

Why meaning in Hindi?

Why meaning in hindi is “Kyon”

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What is the meaning of What in Hindi?

What meaning in Hindi is “Kya”.

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How meaning in hindi is “Kaise”.

  1. What about you meaning in Hindi?

    Apne bare me batai

  1. What about you in telgu?

మీ సంగతి ఏంటి.

2. what about you meaning in tamil?

మీ గురించి తమిళంలో అర్థం ఏమిటి.

3. how about you meaning?

आपका मतलब कैसे है?

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