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Basics Of English Speaking Course

Do you want to speak English fluently? If your answer is yes, then here is the complete spoken English course from Basics to advance.
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Basics of English Speaking

Guys, In this article we will study about the use of “I can’t help” related sentences with structures. These type of sentences often used in speaking English. These types of sentences are used to aware someone to be careful about doing anything.
Hindi: Friends, Aaj Ham Use of “I can’t help” Ke Bare Me Padhne Wale Hain Jiska Ka Matlab Hota Hai ” Madad nahi kar sakta“. Aisa Koi Bhi Kaam Jisme Aap Madad Nahi Kar Sakte.
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Use Of I can’t help

Sound: Madad Nahi Kar Sakata

Structures: I can’t help + (verb + ing)……..

Some Examples:-
1. I can’t help working the same work.
Mai Har Samay Wahi Kaam Karne Me Madad Nahi Kar Sakta.

2. I can’t help speaking in Hindi.
Mai Hindi Bolne Me Madad Nahi Kar Sakta.

3. I can’t help with your Homework.
Mai Aapke Homework Me Madad Nahi Kar Sakta.

4. I can’t help thinking about her.
Mai Uske Bare Me Sochne Me Madad Nahi Kar Sakta .

5. I can’t help earning money.
Mai Paise Kamaane Me Mada Nahi Kar Sakta.

6. I can’t help you all time.
Mai Tumhari Har Samay Madad Nahi Kar Sakta.

7. I can’t help speaking English.
Mai English Bolne Me Madad Nahi Kar Sakta.

8. I can’t help doing bad work.
Mai Bura Kaam Karne Me Madad Nahi Kar Sakta.

9. I can’t help becoming you an Engineer.
Mai Tumhe Engineer Banane Me Madad Nahi Kar Sakta.

10. I can’t help even if you are serious.
Agar Aap Gambheer Hain To Bhee Main Madad Nahin Kar Sakata.

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