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What is CAA, cab, NRC full form in India? I think this question has been asked several times on google. Here I am going to provide you a brief history of the CAA, NRC, and CAB information.

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All the questions are frequently asked questions where you can see also. The full form of CAA, The Full form of CAb, and NRC are given below:

  • CAB FULL FORM = Citizen Amendment Bill
  • CAA FULL FORM = Citizen Amendment ACT
  • NRC FULL FORM = National Register of Citizens of India

The CAB (Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019) was given by the clearance in parliament in December 2019. And this has now become the act called CAA.

Full form of CAB

The full form of CAB is Citizen Amendment Bill and now CAB has become the CAA which means the Citizenship amendment act (CAA). 

Even the home ministry clarifies that CAB will not affect any Indian Citizen, including Muslims all over India.

Why the government has taken this type of decision? this is because of Illegal entries in India, The CAB bill aims to provide Indian citizenship to non-Muslim minorities who faced religious persecution in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.

CAB full formCitizenship Amendment Bill, 2019

NRC Full Form

The full form of NRC is the National Registry of Citizens, It is a process aimed at eliminating illegal immigrants from India. The NRC process was recently completed in Assam. However, Union Home Minister announced in the Parliament in November that the NRC will be implemented all over India.

What are the eligibility criteria under NRC?

Under NRC, a person is eligible to be a citizen of India if they prove that either they or their ancestors were in India before March 24, 1971. 

The Assam NRC process was initiated to weed out illegal Bangladeshi immigrants, who came into India during the India-Pakistan war in 1971, 

NRC full form: National Register of Citizens 


CAB provide Indian citizenship based on religionNRC is not for the religion
CAB is a specialty benefit for non-mslim immigrantsNRC is aimed at the deportation of all illegal immigrants irrespective of their religions.


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