Forms of Verb (Causative Verb)

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Forms of verb are also important for English Speaking. Forms of verb “causative verb”. This is the another forms of sentences that you will learn and improve your life.

Such sentences show that the word is done with the help of another person. But, the Subject also involves. Let’s take an example how sentences forms:-

1. I made Ravi LaughMaine Ravi Ko Hasaya.
2. He made the Horse walkUsne Ghode Ko Chalaya
Note:-Fluency comes by speaking and practicing more and more. I hope you love to read this article and implement it in your communication skills.

How To Use Causative Verbs In English Sentences

Here are some specific examples of causative verbs with structures that are used in sentences. Also, You can use this type of sentence in your English communication.

a) STRUCTURE: Subject + make + noun/pronoun + infinitive [Without to]


1. Maine Ramesh Ko Rulaya
2. Maine Usse Hasaya
3. Ussne Ghode Ko Nahalaya
4.Maine Usse Sulaya
5. Ussene mujhe khilaya
1. I made Ramesh Cry.
2. I made him laugh.
3. He made Horse Both.
4. I made him sleep
5. e fed me.

Note: There is always hidden of the infinitive verb ‘to’ like made me to laugh = made me laugh”.

b) STRUCTURE: Subject + is/are/was/were + made + infinitive.

c) STRUCTURE: Subject + shall be/ Will be + made + infinitive.


1. Sita Ko Hasaya Jaata Hai.Sita is made to laugh
2. Ladki Nachai Jaati Hai.A girl is made to dance
3. Ghode Chalaye Jaate hain.Horses are made to walk
4. Ladke Rulaye Gye.Boys were made to cry.
5. Ladke Daudaye Jayenge.Boys will be made to run.

d ) STRUCTURE: Subject + to have +noun/pronoun [Object] + Past participle.

e ) STRUCTURE: Subject + to get + noun/pronoun [Object]+ Past participle.


1. Raju Ne Petra Likhawaya.Raju had a letter written.
2. Maine Baal KatwaayaI had my hair cut.
3. Usne Ek Ghar Banwaya hai.He has a house built.
4. Maine Sabji banwaaiI had vegetables made.
5. Wah Paudho ko patwaati hai.She Had the plants watered.

f ) STRUCTURE: Subject + can/could + have + Object + past prticiple.

g) STRUCTURE: Subject +can/could get/could have got + Object + V3 form.


1. Tum patra likhwa sakte hoYou Can Have a latter written.
2. Ramesh patra likhwa sakhta haiRamesh can get a letter written.
3. Ram Patra likhwa sakaRam could have a letter written.
4. Avinash Patra likhwa sakta tha.Avinash could have got a letter written.
5. Dhani vyakti yah sab kara le sakte hainThe rich can have all this done.
6. Mujhe yah karya karwana chahiye. I should have the work done.

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