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Krishna Sahani

Hii, My name is Krishna. I have done graduation from "Bengaluru University" right now I am working on digital marketing. During studying period I create my sites and still I ma working on it  Also I am a content creator and optimize my site. I run my sites and create blog posts myself and with my team.

I you are seeking for a content creator, Blog Posts creator, I would be happy to help you. 

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Are you Looking for professional blog post writing services? Then you are in the right place.

Being a professional blog writer, I understand this well that the best quality and highly optimized articles can get your website the maximum number of hits. Thus, if you are searching for compelling and unique SEO blog writing at a reasonable price, you just clicked at the right gig.

Why choose us?

Superb Quality

  • Research-based original writing
  • 100% plagiarism-free 
  • Premium Grammarly Account to check content even more accurately. 
  • Arguments with evidence
  • Blog Writing with a High Readability Factor.

1). Response Post (700-800 words) easy to rank on Google. e.g How-to articles or answering a question directly. 

2). Staple Post (1000-1200 words) shareable content that brings more traffic from social sites such as Pinterest. For example, "10 incredible ways to improve your health." 

3). Pillar Post (2000-2500 words) well-researched, in-depth article or blog post. e.g "Guides," "Affiliate Article," etc. 

I go through the following steps to write a stellar blog post

1). Keyword Research using different keyword tools such as "Ahrefs" "Ubersuggest" "KeywordEverywhere" and or "Answer the Public." I select the best "long-tail search phrases" with low-medium monthly search volume.

2). Collection of information from top-ranked articles, books, journals, etc, rephrasing the information, keyword placement in H1, H2, H3.

3). Catchy Meta-description, Relevant stock photo, and Proofreadin


  • We always deliver on time.
  • Deliver what a buyer is looking for at Convenient Rates


We can provide you articles writing services on every domain, such as,

  1. Internet and technology
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Family and education
  4. Affiliate articles
  5. Versatile
  6. Micro Niche

Additional Skills: Cerate WordPress website, Optimization, Keyword research, Attractive social media post design, etc.

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