How can I memorize English vocabulary?- Review and Information in 2022

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How do you memorize English vocabulary? if you are facing trouble with that then follow the given tips below:

Ways to memorize English Vocabulary

  • First of all, if you want to learn vocabulary then you must read books on a daily basis this is the best way to memorize the word meanings.
  • Second thing is that you must have a notebook to note down every word meaning that you want to memorize.
  • Third thing is that you can chat with people who speak English. That is a great way to improve your vocab power and will fluent in English.
  • The fourth thing is to look at the words in 24 hours, these things memorize your vocabulary which you read before, and further you will be able to utilize it.
  • The fifth way is that you need to make sentences on it which word you want to memorize.
  • The sixth way is that use the word during English speaking either if you are doing a conversation with another person or itself doesn’t matter just do it.
  • Another one is playing word games and puzzles such as crosswords, anagrams, and word searches can enhance your vocab power.
  • Master the use of a dictionary. What information does a dictionary word have next to it? Are you familiar with the various sorts of dictionaries? here are a few best dictionaries which you can use it.
  • Learn a few words, but don’t overdo it. It’s a good idea to learn about five new words per day.
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