Hay! Still you won’t able to express yourself even that you have memories all the vocabulary and grammar. Can’t able to hold the conversation for a lomg time? Don’t worry, I have the effective ways to Immediately improve your English conversation.

In this article I would suggest you to follow few tips to get overcome to the difficulty which you might be experiencing till now. Use just simple techniques to improve your English communication skills.

Effective ways to Immediately improve your English Communication Skills 

I am sure A lot of students also having concerns about improving their communication skills.

If you are working professional jobs than Communication skills is very very important. Right! Because you can solve guest issues, you can have so many issues which can be solved just by good communication.

So, I’m sure students from engineering, business management or regardless whatever field you are from or some of you might to become politicians tomorrow. And then this is very important skill.

Good communication doesn’t mean knowing English Language

First myth that I want to clear is good communication doesn’t mean Knowing the “English language”. Many people have misconception that if I have learnt English I have also learnt commucate! Sorry, one thing always keeps in your mind, English is a language and communication is a skill.

After learning English your communication can be pathetic. When required! You won’t be able to speak up.

Right, and even if you know no language; god forbid, just imagine, one in born in jungle itself. And doesn’t know any language, he only knows body language. Let there is two persons, then person’s A body language can be different from other one. So, what I wanna say that communication is an art that can be developed and English is a language that can be learnt!.

Now the problem is, a mistake which most people make. They learn words from the dictionary, and they try to insert it wherever it is possible!

And especially when we try to impress others. Then, search for immensely strange and critical words, and use them in your sayings for demotivating others! 

Other person will also be impressed that his communication, his English is very profound!

This is a misconception!

You first need to develop the art! Rather I suggest to learn the art of communication in your mother tongue.

Required skills to be developed 

Making an eye contact, body language, voice tonality, being proactive, these sort of thing.

To learn these, English is not required!

And side by side, if you want to improve your English. Keep it generall! Keep a small note book, in which you are putting down difficult words!

Train your brain on multiple fronts. Increase your Reading! Are you reading at the moment?

Are you writing at the moment?

Do you write on a daily basis? Not in the class, not notes, do you write something?

So if you are not reading, if you are not writing, are you watching something? Are you watching other good communicators, on YouTube, or somewhere else, Are you?


Are you listening to audios? So, brain has so many ways to receive information, use all of them! Right!

Communication is an art, just like a muscle it can be developed.

I don’t know who said this, but this is a famous quote which says. Communication works for those, for those who work at it!

Communication works for those, those who work at  it. If you will work at communication, you will get better!



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