Irregular Verbs | Past & Present Particile

Present Inf.Past Tense  Past ParticiplePresent Participle 
To eatAteEatenEating
To fallFellFallenFalling
To feedFedFedFeeding
To feelFeltFeltFeeling
To fightFoughtFoughtFighting
To findFoundFoundFinding
To fleeFledFledFleeing
To flyFlewFlownFlying
To forbearForboreForborneForbearing
To forbidForbadeForbiddenForbidding
To forecastForecast(ed)Forecast(ed)Forecasting
To foregoForewentForegoneForegoing
To foreknowForeknewForeknownForeknowing
To foreseeForesawForeseenForeseeing
To foretellForetoldForetoldForetelling
To forgetForgotForgottenForgetting
To forgiveForgaveForgivenForgiving
To forsakeForsookForsakenForsaking
To forswearForsworeForswornForswearing
To freezeFrozeFrozenFreezing
To gainsayGainsaidGainsaidGainsaying
To getGot/gottenGot/gottenGetting
To girdGirt/girdedGirt/girdedGirding
To giveGaveGivenGiving
To goWentGoneGoing
To graveGravedGraved/gravenGraving
To grindGroundGroundGrinding
To growGrewGrownGrowing
To hangHung/hangedHung/hangedHanging
To haveHadHadHaving
To hearHeardHeardHearing
To hideHidHid/hiddenHiding
To hitHitHitHitting
To holdHeldHeldHolding
To hurtHurtHurtHurting
To inlayInlaidInlaidInlaying
To keepKeptKeptKeeping
To kneelKnelt/kneeledKnelt/kneeledKneeling
To knitKnit/knittedKnit/knittedKnitting
To knowKnewKnownKnowing
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