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Top 1000 one word substitution list | Download PDF

So, Are you looking for one word substitution list? Then today, I gonna help you out with that. Stop searching on the internet one word substitution. Here I have shared with you 1000 list of one-word substitutions. Which will be the first time Hindi also.

Dear Aspirants, we have shared the Top 1000 One Word Substitution With Hindi Meaning Set 1 for various state and central government exams like UPSC, PSC, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, and CPO BANK PO Clerk, IBPS, and many more. Below is a link to a complete single pdf file of Top 1000 One Word Substitution With Hindi Meaning.

One word substitution list

 one word substitution list
S.N.Many WordOne WordHindi Meaning
1Cause to feel embarrassedAbashशर्मिंदा करना
2A Place Where Animals Are Slaughtered For The MarketAbattoirकसाईखाना
3Shortening Something By Omitting Parts Of ItAbbreviationसंक्षिप्त
4To Give Up A Throne VoluntarilyAbdicateत्यागना
5Voluntary Giving Up Of Throne In Favour Of SomeoneAbdicationत्याग
6Do Away WithAbolishसमाप्त करना
7The Original Inhabitants Of A CountryAboriginesमुलनिवासी
8An Edition A Book In Which It Has Been CondensedAbridgedसंगृहीत
9To Do Away With RulesAbrogateअभिनिषेध करना
10Move FasterAccelerateमें तेजी लाने के
11Which Can Be ApproachedAccessibleसुलभ
12To Accustom Oneself In New ClimateAcclimatizeजलवायु का अभ्यस्त बनाना
13A Partner In CrimeAccompliceसाथी
14Responsible For One’s ActionsAccountableउत्तरदायी
15Make Oneself Familiar With A Person Or A ThingAcquaintपरिचित
16The Act Of Freeing A Person From A Charge By VerdictAcquittalदोषमुक्ति
17Someone Versed In The Interpretation Of Numerical DataActuaryमुंशी
18A Substance That Can Stick Or Cause StickingAdhesiveगोंद
19The Period Between The Beginning Of Puberty And AdulthoodAdolescenceकिशोरावस्था
20To Falsify A Thing By Admixture Or Baser IngredientsAdulterationमिलावट
21Person Who Pilots Or Travels In A Balloon Airship Or Other AircraftAeronautवायु-यान चलानेवाला
22Science Of Flight Of AeroplanesAeronauticsएयरोनॉटिक्स
23Fear Of HeightAerophobiaऊंचाई का डर
24Person Who Claims To Have Great Love For Understanding Of What Is Beautiful In Nature , Art EtcAesthete
25A List Of Headings Of The Business To Be Transacted At A MeetingAgendaकार्यसूची
26To Increase The Gravity Of An Offence Or The Intensity Of A DiseaseAggravateछेड़ना
27Someone Who AttacksAggressorआक्रामक
28Fear Of PainAgliophobiaदर्द से डर
29A Person Who Claims The Existence Of God Is UnknowableAgnosticअज्ञेयवाद का
30Fear Of Open Spaces Or CrowdAgoraphobiaभीड़ से डर लगना
31Belonging To A Foreign CountryAlienविदेशी
32Arouse Hostility Or Indifference InAlienateहटाना
33Allowance Paid To Wife On Legal SeparationAlimonyगुजारा भत्ता
34A Story In Which Ideas Are Symbolised As PeopleAllegoryरूपक
35Commencement Of Words With The Same LetterAlliterationअनुप्रास
36An Annual Calender With Positions Of StarsAlmanacपंचांग
37A Raised Place On Which Offering To A God Are MadeAltarवेदी
38A Person Who Loves Every BodyAltruistपरोपकार के सिद्धन्त का
39A Lover Of MankindAltruist/Philanthropistएल्ट्रूइस्ट / परोपकारी
40A Man Who Does A Thing For Pleasure And Not As A ProfessionAmateurशौकिया
41Fear Of Riding A CarAmaxophobiaकार चलने का दर
42One Who Represents A State In A Foreign CountryAmbassadorदूत
43One, Who Can Use Either Hand With EaseAmbidexter
44Of A Person Who Can Use Both Hands Equally WellAmbidextrousकपटी
45An Expression Or Statement That Has More Than One MeaningAmbiguityअस्पष्टता
46Uncertain Or Unable To Decide About What Course To FollowAmbivalent
47A Van Which Is Used In Transporting Wounded Or Serious PatientsAmbulanceएम्बुलेंस
48One Who Is LikeableAmiableसौम्य
49Partial Or Total Loss Of MemoryAmnesiaभूलने की बीमारी
50A Warrant Granting Release From Punishment For An OffenseAmnestyआम माफ़ी
51Animals Which Live Both On Land And SeaAmphibianउभयचर
52To Cut Off A Part Of A Person’s Body Which Is InfectedAmputateअंग-विच्छेद करना
53A Person Or Thing Out Of Time And Out Of Date; Belonging To A Different Era Either Earlier Or LaterAnachronismकालभ्रम
54One, Who Is Out To Destroy All Governance, Law And OrderAnarchistअराजकतावादी
55A State Of Lawlessness And DisorderAnarchyअराजकता
56Physical StructureAnatomyएनाटॉमी
57Fear Of MalesAndrophobiaपुरषों से दर
58One Who Is Fond Of English People And Their CustomsAnglophile
59The Yearly Return Of A DateAnniversaryसालगिरह
60Which Happens Once A YearAnnualवार्षिक
61Medicine Which Lessens PainAnodyneपीड़ा-नाशक
62Deviation Or Departure From Common Rule Of StandardAnomalyविसंगति
63Having No Known Name Or Identity Or Known SourceAnonymousगुमनाम
64Fear Of Getting Fat Makes Young Girl Stop Eating Resulting Inharmful EffectAnorexiaआहार
65Capable Of Being AnsweredAnswerableजवाबदेह
66A Person Who Opposes AnotherAntagonistप्रतिपक्षी
67Be Earlier In Time; Go Back FurtherAntedateसमय से पूर्व घटित होना
68Room Leading Into A Large RoomAnteroomगलियारा
69A Collection Of PoemsAnthologyसंकलन
70Student Of The Development Of The MankindAnthropologistमानवविज्ञानी
71Science Of The Origins And Social Relationships Of HumansAnthropologyनृविज्ञान
72A Remedy That Stops Or Controls The Effects Of A PoisonAntidoteमारक
73Strong Dislike Or HostilityAntipathyघृणा
74Thoroughly Clean And Free Of Disease-Causing OrganismsAntisepticसड़न रोकनेवाली दबा
75A Word That Expresses An Opposite MeaningAntonymविलोम
76Lack Of FeelingApathyउदासीनता
77Loss Of SpeechAphasiaबोली बंद होना
78That Which Causes Sexual ArousalAphrodisiacकामोद्दीपक
79One Who Deserts His ReligionApostateस्वधर्मत्यागी
80A Pioneer Of A Reform MovementApostleप्रेरित
81Be Fully Aware OfAppreciateसराहना
82A Person Who Has Just Started LearningApprenticeअपरेंटिस
83A Place Where Fishes Are KeptAquariumमछलीघर
84Animals/Plants Ere Which Live In WaterAquaticजलीय
85Fear of spidersArachnophobiaमकड़ियों का भय
86A Person, Appointed By Two Parties To Solve A DisputeArbitratorपंच
87The Branch Of Anthropology That Studies Prehistoric PeopleArchaeologyपुरातत्व
88Words Used In Ancient Time But No Longer In General Use NowArchaicप्राचीन
89One Who Prepares Plans For BuildingsArchitectवास्तुकार
90A Place Where Government Or Public Records Are KeptArchivesअभिलेखागार
91Government By The NoblesAristocracyशिष्टजन
92The Cessation Of Warfare Before A Treaty Is SignedArmisticeयुद्धविराम
93A Place For Ammunition And WeaponsArsenalआर्सेनल
94One Who Is Guilty Of Firing PropertyArsonist
95One Who Is Not Interested In The Pleasures Of The WorldAsceticतपस्वी
96An Assembly Of HearersAssemblageजमावड़ा
97Star-Shaped FlowerAsterएस्टर
98Fear Of Thunder And LighteningAstraphobia
99A Person Who Studies The Influence Of Heavenly Bodies On Human BeingsAstrologerज्योतिषी
100One Who Is Skilled In The Study Of Celestial BodiesAstronomerखगोलविद
101An institution for the maintenance and care of the mentally ill, orphans, or other persons requiring specialized assistance.Asylumशरण स्थल
102A Person Who Does Not Believe In GodAtheistनास्तिक
103Fear Of FailureAtychiphobiaअसफ़लता का दर
104Sound Which Can Be HeardAudibleसुनाई देने योग्य
105A Number Of People Listening To A LectureAudienceदर्शक
106The Study Of Hearing, Especially Hearing Defects And Their TreatmentAudiologyऑडियोलॉजी
107A Qualified Accountant Who Inspects Accounting RecordsAuditorआडिटर
108A Specialist With Regard To EarAuristकान की बीमारियो का जानकार
109A Life History Written By OneselfAutobiographyआत्मकथा
110Government By One PersonAutocracyएकतंत्र
111Person Who Rules Without Consulting The Opinion Of OthersAutocratअनियन्त्रित शासक
112Getting Signature Of Some Important Person In His HandwritingAutographहस्ताक्षर
114Fear Of Being AloneAutophobiaअकेला होने का दर
115Reprehensible Acquisitiveness; Insatiable Desire For WealthAvariceलोभ
116Immoderately Desirous Of Acquiring SomethingAvariciousलालची
117A Place Where Birds Are KeptAviaryपक्षीशाल
118A Statement Which Is Accepted As True Without ProofAxiomस्वयंसिद्ध
119State Of Being UnmarriedBachelorhoodअविवाहित्ता
120A Story In VerseBalladगाथा
121Science Dealing With The Motion Of Projectile Like Rockets Bombs & ShellsBallistics
122One Who Can’t Pay The DebtsBankruptदिवालिया
123Fear Of DepthsBathophobiaगहराई से दर
124Cut The Head OfBeheadसिर काट लेना
125A Person Who Is Fond Of FightingBellicoseलड़ाकू
126A Person, Nation That Is Involved In WarBelligerentयुद्धरत
127Nations Engaged In WarBelligerents
128Wishing Good Things For AnotherBenevolentउदार
129To Surround With Armed ForcesBesiegeमुहासिरा करना
130Engaged To Be MarriedBetrothedमंगेतर
131A Great Lover Of BooksBibliophileपुस्तकों का प्यार करनेवाला
132An Event Which Happens Once In Two YearsBiennialद्विवाषिक
133The Practice Of Having Two Wives Or Husbands At A TimeBigamyद्विविवाह का प्रथा
134One Who Intolerantly Devoted To A Particular CreedBigotकट्टर व्यक्रित
135Using Or Knowing Two LanguagesBilingualद्विभाषिक
136Life Of Person Written By Someone ElseBiographyजीवनी
137One Who Studies The Science Of Animals And PlantsBiologistजीवविज्ञानी
138The Science That Studies Living OrganismsBiologyजीवविज्ञान
139Examination Of Living TissueBiopsyबायोप्सी
140Animal Having Two FeetBipedदो पैरों का
141The Act Of Speaking Disrespectfully About Sacred ThingsBlasphemyईश-निंदा
142An Unconventional Style Of LivingBohemianबोहेनिया का
143In Good FaithBona Fideप्रामाणिक
144One Who Devotes Full Time In Studying Course BooksBookwormकिताबी कीड़ा
145Clumsy Or Ill‐Bred FellowBoorगंवार
146One Who Studies The Science Of PlantsBotanistवनस्पति-विज्ञानिक
147The Branch Of Biology That Studies PlantsBotanyबॉटनी
148A Collection Of FlowersBouquetगुलदस्ता
149Being Of The Property-Owning ClassBourgeoisपूंजीपति
150A Small Shop That Sells Fashionable Clothes, Cosmetics EtcBoutiqueबूटिक
151A Factory For Manufacturing Of BeersBreweryशराब की भठ्ठी
152A Bandit Or Robber, [EspBrigandबटमार
153Gold Or Silver Before Using For Manufacturing OrnamentsBullionबुलियन
154One Who Comes From A Village And Considered StupidBumpkinबेढंग आदमी
155A Small House With All Rooms On One FloorBungalowबंगला
156A Collection Of FlagsBuntingगौरेया
157Government By The OfficialsBureaucracyनौकरशाही
158One Who Breaks Into A House To Commit TheftBurglarसेंधमार
159The Dwelling Place If An Animal UndergroundBurrowबिल
160Person Who Holds Scholarship At A UniversityBursar
161One Who Kills Animals And Sells Their FleshButcherकसाई
162Place Where Cows Are ShelteredByreगोशाला
163A Place Where Treasurers ,Stores ,Ammunition Are HiddenCacheकैश
164A Person, Who Is Bad In SpellingsCacographist
165Ugly, Illegible HandwritingCacography
166Fear Of UglinessCacophobiaकुरूपता से दर
167The Infirmity Of Old AgeCaducityजरा जीर्णता
168A Person, Who Writes Beautiful HandwritingCalligraphistसुलेखककों
169Beautiful HandwritingCalligraphyसुलेख
170Having CallusesCallousकठोर
171One, Who Feeds On Human FleshCannibalनरभक्षक
172A Lover Of DogsCanophilistकुत्तो से प्यार करनेवाला
173The Dead Body Of A AnimalCaracasकराकस
174A Person, Who Is Specialist In Heart DiseasesCardiologistहृदय रोग विशेषज्ञ
175A Picture Drawn To Make People LaughCaricatureकारटूनवाला
176One, Who Lives On FleshCarnivorousमांसभक्षी
177One, Who Draws MapsCartographerकाटोग्रफ़र
178A Person Who Os Bad In SpellingCartographist
179The Art Of Making Maps And ChartsCartographyनक्शानवीसी
180A Complete List Of Things, Usually Arranged SystematicallyCatalogueसूची
181Soldiers, Who Fight On Horse BackCavalryघुड़सवार सेना
182Abstaining From Sexual RelationsCelibacyक्वांरापन
183Abstaining From Sexual IntercourseCelibateअविवाहित
184Extreme Fear Of BeautyCellophobia
185A Place For Burial Of Dead BodiesCemeteryकब्रिस्तान
186One Who Is More Than A Hundred Years OldCentenarianसौ वर्ष का
187The 100th Anniversary (Or The Celebration Of It)Centenaryशताब्दी
188Anything Tending To Move Away From CentreCentripetalकेंद्राभिगामी
189One Hundred YearsCenturyसदी
190Elderly Women In Charge Of A Girl On Social OccasionsChaperonसंरक्षिका
191Be The Emodment Or Perfect Example OfCharacterise
192Person Who Pretends To Have More KnowledgeCharlatanमायावी
193An Extremly Deep Crack Or Opening In The GroundChasmखाई
194One, Who Is Employed To Drive A Motor CarChauffeurड्राइवर
195A Person Who Is Blindly Devoted To An IdeaChauvinistअंधराष्ट्रीवादी
196An Unreal And Visionary IdealChimericalअसाध्य
197A Small Piece Of WoodChipटुकड़ा
198A Person Who Is An Expert At PenmanshipChirographer
199A Person Who Reads PalmsChiromancer
201Specialist Who Takes Care Of The Ailments Of The FeetChiropodistकिरोपडिस्ट
202One, Who Teaches DancingChoreographerकोरियोग्राफर
203The Science Of ColoursChromatics
204Calendar Of Events In Order Of OccurrenceChronologyकालक्रम
205Method Of Talking In A Roundabout WayCircumlocutionकपटपूर्ण बातें
206Fear Of DoctorsClaustrophobiaक्लौस्ट्रफ़ोबिया
207Fear Of Going To BedClinophobia
208A Place For Luggage At Railway StationCloak Roomलबादा कक्ष
209An Associate That One Works WithColleagueसहयोगी
210People Who Work TogetherColleaguesसहयोगियों
211Informal Expression Used In Everyday ConversationColloquialism
212Belong To Same CountryCompatriotस्वदेशवासी
213One Who Introduces Performing Artists On The Stage ProgramCompereकमपेरे
214A Performance Given By A Number Of MusiciansConcertकॉन्सर्ट
215Live In Relationship A Man And A Woman Living Without Being MarriedConcubinageबेविवाति साथ रहना
216A Country Ruled By Two CountryCondominiumसम्मिलित
217One Who Sells Sweets And PastriesConfectionerहलवाई
218Present At Birth But Not Necessarily HereditaryCongenitalजन्मजात
219An Assembly Of WorshippersCongregationमण्डली
220A Critical Judge Of Any Art And CraftConnoisseurविशेषज्ञ
221Relationship By Blood Or BirthConsanguinityरक्तसंबंध
222Compulsory Enlistment For Military ServiceConscriptionभरती
223A Number Of Stars Grounded TogetherConstellationनक्षत्र
224A Disease Which Spreads By ContactContagiousसंक्रामक
225Belonging To Or Living At The Same TimeContemporariesसमकालीन
226Belonging to the same period of timeContemporaryसमकालीन
227Gradual Recovery From IllnessConvalescenceआरोग्यलाभ
228One, Who Is Recovering HealthConvalescentअच्छा हो जानेवाला
229A Funeral Procession Comprising A Number Of MournersCortegeजूलुस
230Metaphysical Study Of The Origin And Nature Of The UniverseCosmologyब्रह्मांड विज्ञान
231A Person Who Regards Whole World As His CountryCosmopolitanकॉस्मोपॉलिटन
232A Citizen Of The WorldCosmopolite
233A Stanza Having Two Lines In VerseCoupletदोहा
234A Nursery Where Children Are Cared For While Their Parents Are At WorkCrecheक्रेच
235Showing A Lack Of Judgment Or ExperienceCredulousविश्रंभी
236A Religious WarCrusadeधर्मयुद्ध
237Study Of Secret Writing And Coded WordsCryptographyक्रिप्टोग्राफी
238Science Of CrystallizationCrystallographyक्रि
239Man Whose Wife Is Unfaithful To HimCuckoldव्यभिचारी
240Which Can Be CuredCurableइलाज
241A Person Incharge Of A MuseumCuratorक्यूरेटर
242A Low Area Storm With High Winds Rotating About A Centre Of Low Atmospheric PressureCycloneचक्रवात
243One, Who Sneers At The Aims And Beliefs Of His Fellow MenCynicनिंदक
244Fear Of DogsCynophobia
245Centre Of AttractionCynosureऋक्ष
246Study Of CellCytologyकोशिका विज्ञान
247One Who Pays Too Much Attention To His Cloths And AppearanceDandyबांका
248An Unclaimed LetterDead Letterमृत पत्र
249One Who Cannot HearDeafबहरा
250Prevent A Person From Admission Or A RightDebarप्रवेश न होने देना
251Suave (Polished And Light Heart Person)Debonairख़ुशमिज़ाज
252A Period Of Ten YearsDecadeदशक
253An Original Glass Bottle For Holding Wine Or Other Alcoholic DrinksDecanterकंटर
254Act Or Art Of Rhetorical ExerciseDeclamationशब्दपांडित्य
255A Person Appointed Or Elected To Represent OthersDelegateप्रतिनिधि
256A Political Leader Who Tries To Stir Up PeopleDemagogueदुर्जनों का नेता
257The Orientation Of Those Who Favor Government By The PeopleDemocracyजनतंत्र
258Science Of Vital And Social StatisticsDemographyजनसांख्यिकी
259Show Of Force To IntimidateDemonstrationप्रदर्शन
260The Home Of A Large Fierce Wild AnimalDenमांद
261A Person Who Gives Written Testimony For Use In A CourtDeponentसाक्षी
262Lose In ValueDepreciateपछताना
263A Doctor Who Treats Skin DiseasesDermatologistत्वचा विशेषज्ञ
264Study Of SkinDermatologyत्वचा विज्ञान
265To Derive A Thing Of Its Holy CharacterDesecrateअपवित्र करना
266Where Neither Water Nor Vegetation Is FoundDesertरेगिस्तान
267A form of government in which a single entity rules with absolute power.Despotismतानाशाही
268One Whose Business Is To Find Out CriminalsDetectiveजासूसी
269Become Worse Or DisintegrateDeteriorateबिगड़ना
270State Of Being Split Into Two PartsDichotomyविरोधाभास
271One Who Gives Orders In A Manner That Permits No RefusalDictatorतानाशाह
272Government Carried On By An Absolute RulerDictatorshipअधिनायकत्व
273A Book Dealing With Words In Alphabetical OrderDictionaryशब्दकोश
274A Small Allowance Of Food To Become SlimDietingपरहेज़
275That Which Can Be DigestedDigestibleसुपाच्य
276A Dabbler In The ArtsDilettanteअनुरागी
277Morbid Compulsion Of DrinkDipsomaniaमद्यासक्ति
278Fear Of ThirstDipsophobia
279Song Sung At BurialDirgeमरसिया
280One Who Works In Return For Being Taught The TradeDiscipleशिष्य
281That Which Can Be DividedDivisibleभाज्य
282A Person Living Permanently In A Certain PlaceDomicileअधिवास
283The Sleeping Rooms With Several Beds Especially In A College Or InstitutionDormitoryछात्रावास
284Old Age When A Man Behave Like A FoolDotageमतिक्षीणता
285The House Of An ArabDowerदहेज
286A Game In Which Neither Party WinsDrawखींचना
287A Game That Results Neither In Victory Nor In DefeatDrawnनंगी
288A Game Or Batter In Which Neither Party WinsDrawn/ Tieनंगी / टाई
289A Squirrel’s HomeDrayछकड़ा
290Mania For TravelDromomania
291Continuous Dry Weather And Lack Of Rain And WaterDroughtसूखा
292One Who Deals In CattleDroverचौपायों को बेचनेवाला
293One Who Cannot SpeakDumbगूंगा
294A Person Who Is Slow In LearningDunceकुंद
295Not Conforming To Ordinary Rules Of BehaviourEccentricविलक्षण
296One Who Studies The Science Relating To The ChurchEcclesiologist
297One who studies the science relating to the church.Ecclesiologistगिरजा शिल्पविद
298Persons with unusual or odd personality.Eclectic
299A pastoral poem.Eclogue
300The Environment As It Relates To Living OrganismsEcologyपरिस्थितिकी
301Fear Of Home SurroundingsEcophobia
302Fit To Be EatenEdibleखाद्य
303A Person Who Is WomanishEffeminateस्रैण
304Sure To Produce Desired ResultsEfficaciousप्रभावोत्पादक
305A Man Who Thinks Only For HimselfEgoistअहंवादी
306Practice Of Talking Too Much About OneselfEgotismअहंकार
307Expressing sorrow or lamentation.Elegiacशोक
308A Poem Of LamentationElegyशोकगीत
309Qualified For Or Allowed Or Worthy Of Being ChosenEligibleयोग्य
310The Art Of Effective SpeakingElocutionवाग्मिता
311Make Clear And ComprehensibleElucidateस्पष्ट करना
312The Fraudulent Appropriation Of Funds Or PropertyEmbezzlementग़बन
313A Person Who Leaves His Own Country And Goes To Live In AnotherEmigrantप्रवासी
314Identification With Another Person’s FeelingsEmpathyसहानुभूति
315To Stress, Single Out As ImportantEmphasizeज़ोर देना
316One Who EmploysEmployerनियोक्ता
317A Book That Contains Information On Various SubjectsEncyclopaediaमकदूनियाई
318A Disease Prevailing In A LocalityEndemicस्थानिक
319One Who Studies InsectsEntomologistकीटविज्ञानशास्री
320The Scientific Study Of InsectsEntomologyकीटविज्ञान
321Lasting One DayEphemeralअल्पकालिक
322A Long Narrative PoemEpicमहाकाव्य
323One, Who Is Devoted To The Pleasure Of Eating And DrinkingEpicureरसिया
324One Whose Attitude Is To Eat, Drink And MerryEpicureanएपिकुरे
325A Widespread Outbreak Of An Infectious DiseaseEpidemicमहामारी
326Outer Layer Of SkinEpidermisएपिडर्मिस
327A Verse LetterEpistleपत्र
328Words Which Are Inscribed On The Grave Or The Tomb In The Memory Of The BuriedEpitaphसमाधि-लेख
329Calmness Under Trying CircumstancesEquanimityसमभाव
330A Person Who Rides On Horse-BackEquestrianघुड़सवार
331Having Equal SidesEquilateralसमभुज
332Tightrope WalkerEquilibristनट
333A State Of Perfect BalanceEquilibriumसंतुलन
334Time When Night And Day Are Of Equal LengthEquinoxविषुव
335Destroy Completely, As If Down To The RootsEradicateउन्मूलन
336Fear Of WorkErgophobia
337Thing Without Which We Cannot DoEssentialआवश्यक
338Having No Beginning Or End To Its ExistenceEternalसनातन
339One Who Studies The Science Of The Variatees Of Human RaceEthnologist
340Branch Of Anthropology Dealing With Divisions Of HumankindEthnologyमानव जाति विज्ञान
341One Who Studies The Science Of CharacterEthologist
342Rules Governing Socially Acceptable BehaviorEtiquetteशिष्टाचार
343One Who Studies The Science And Origin Of WordsEtymologistशब्द-व्युपत्तिशास्री
344Science Relating To The Formation And Development Of WordsEtymologyशब्द-साधन
345A Formal Expression Of Praise For Someone Who Has DiedEulogyस्तवन
346Thing That Bring Gentle And Painless Death From Incurable DiseaseEuthanasiaइच्छामृत्यु
347Science Of Improving The EnvironmentEuthenics
348A Gradual Upholding Or DevelopmentEvolutionविकास
349One Who Is Taking ExaminationExamineeपरीक्षार्थी
350One Who Examine The Copies Of ExamineesExaminerपरीक्षक
351A word meaning happy and joyfulExhilaratedख़ुश
352Made To Be Absent For A Long Time From One’s Own CountryExileनिर्वासन
353Science Dealing With Life Or Possibilities Of Life Existing Beyond The EarthExobiology
354A Specialist Who Extracts TeethExodontist
355Pronounce Not Guilty Of Criminal ChargesExonerateहक़ बहाल करना
356To Atone One’s SinsExpiateनिवृत्त
357To Remove All Objectionable MatterExpurgate
358With Little Or No Preparation Or ForethoughtExtemporeअचिंतित
359To Send Back The Criminal To The CountryExtraditeअपराधी देना
360Forcing Out(Blood EtcExtravasate
361free someone or something from a constraint or difficulty.Extricateसुलझाना
362One Who Turns One’s Thoughts OutwardsExtrovertबहिर्मुखी
363An Animal Story With MoralFableकल्पित कहानी
364An Exact Copy Of Handwriting, Printing EtcFacsimileप्रतिकृति
365An Exact Copy Of Handwriting ,PrintingFacsimile/Xeroxप्रतिकृति
366A Person Motivated By Irrational EnthusiasmFanaticहठधर्मी
367One, Who Is Filled With Excessive And Mistaken Enthusiasm In Religious MattersFanatic Or Bigotकट्टरपंथी या Bigot
368One Who Shoes HorsesFarrierनालबन्द
369One, Who Is Very -Selective In One’s TasteFastidiousदुराराध्य
370Causing DeathFatalघातक
371One, Who Believes In FateFatalistभाग्यवादी
372The Animals Of A Certain RegionFaunaपशुवर्ग
373Congrulations Some One In Formal MannerFelicitatedको सम्मानित किया
374One, Who Works For The Welfare Of The WomenFeministनारीवादी
375FaithfulnessFidelityसत्य के प्रति निष्ठा
376Murder Of One’s ChildrenFilicide
377A Number Of SheepsFlockझुण्ड
378The Plants Of A Particular RegionFloraफ्लोरा
379One, Who Deals-In FlowersFloristफूलवाला
380A person who support or believe someone.Followerअनुयायी
381Well In The Past; FormerForegoneपहले से
382Falsification Of Documents EtcForgeryजालसाजी
383Remains Of Prehistoric Animal Or Plant Preserved By Being Buried In EarthFossilsजीवाश्म
384Child Brought By Persons, Who Are Not His ParentsFoster Childधाय पालित संतान
385Easily BrokenFragileनाज़ुक
386Constitutional Right To Cast VoteFranchiseमताधिकार
387Murder Of BrotherFratricideभ्रातृघातक
388One, Who Runs Away From Justice Or The LawFugitiveभगोड़ा
389The Line Which A Plough Cuts In The GroundFurrowकुंड
390Irregular Luminous Band Of StarsGalaxyआकाशगंगा
391Fear Of MarriageGamophobia
392A Shed For Motor CarGarageगेराज
393A Government Publication Relating To Order, Notification EtcGazetteराज-पत्र
394Study Of AncestryGenealogyवंशावली
395Science Of HeredityGeneticsजेनेटिक्स
396Murder Of RaceGenocideनरसंहार
397Fear Of BirthGenophobia
398Fear Of SexGenophobiaविदेशी लोगों को न पसन्द करना
399One Who Studies The EarthGeologistभूविज्ञानी
400The Study Of Rocks And SoilsGeologyभूविज्ञान
401Fear Of Old AgeGeraphobia
402Specialty Dealing With The Medical Problems Of The ElderlyGeriatricsजराचिकित्सा
403An Agent (As Heat Or Radiation Or A Chemical) That Destroys Microorganisms That Might Carry DiseaseGermicideअंकुर-नाशक दवा
404Government By Old ManGerontocracy
405Science Of The Social And Economic Problems Of The AgedGerontologyजरा विज्ञान
406A Mass Of Ice Moving Very Slowly Down A Mountain ValleyGlacierहिमनद
407White Liquid Material In An EggGlairकीचड़
408List Of ExplantationGlossaryशब्दकोष
409A Person Who Is Devoted To Eating And Drinking To ExcessGluttonखाऊ
410Art And Science Dealing With A LanguageGrammarव्याकरण
411A Place For GrainsGranaryधान्यागार
412One Who Analyzes Hand-WritingGraphologist
413Analysis Of HandwritingGraphologyहस्तलेख का अध्ययन
414Costing NothingGratisनि: शुल्क
415The Place In The Ground Where A Dead Person Is BuriedGraveगंभीर
416Make-Up Room Behind StageGreenroomहरा कक्ष
417Animals Which Live In FlocksGregariousझुण्ड में रहनेवाला
418Animals Which Live In A Flock , Used For Human Beings AlsoGregarious/Sociableयूथचारी / मिलनसार
419Naive And Easily Deceived Or TrickedGullibleभोला
420A Sudden Rush Of WindGustझोंका
421The Specialist Who Treats The Female Reproductive And Sexual OrgansGynaecologistस्त्री रोग विशेषज्ञ
422Fear Of WomenGynophobia
423An Instrument For Recodings The Revolutions Of The EarthGyroscopeजाइरोस्कोप
424The Normal Abode Of Any Animal Or PlantHabitatवास
425Calm And PeacefulHalcyonधीर
426A Person Without Objective RealityHallucinationमाया
427A Place For Housing AeroplanesHangarहैंगर
428Two Wheeled Cab For Two To Ride Indie With Driver Mounted Up BehindHansomइक्का
429Loud Talk Or SpeechHarangueभाषण
430A Women Of Lax MoralHarlotरंडी
431Fear Of Being RobbedHarpaxophobia
432A Vehicle Which Is Used To Carry A Dead BodyHearseरथी
433One, Who Believes That Pleasure Is The Chief Good (Sensual)Hedonistसुखवादी
434Fear Of PleasureHedonophobia
435Wicked To A High DegreeHeinousजघन्य
436A Place For The Collection Of Dried PlantsHerbariumसूखी वनस्पतियों का संग्राह
437One, Who Lives On HerbsHerbivorousतृणभक्षी
438Belief Or Opinion Contrary To What Is Generally AcceptedHeresyविधर्म
439One, Who Acts Against ReligionHereticविधर्मी
440Creature Havingh Both Male And Female OrgansHermaphroditeद्विलिंग
441Things Of Different NatureHeterogeneousविजातीय
442A Person Claiming To Be Superior In Culture And Intellect To OthersHighbrowघमंडी
443One Who Robs Smuggler Of His Smuggled Goods After The Border Has Been CrossedHijackerलुटेरा
444Person Who Is Against The Ordinary Society EspHippyहिप्पी
445Study Of TissueHistologyप्रोटोकॉल
446A Place For BeesHiveमधुमुखी का छत्ता
447Murder Of ManHomicideमानव हत्या
448Thing Of Same NatureHomogeneousसजातीय
449The First Night Of Newly Married CoupleHoneymoonसुहाग रात
450Holding Office Without Any RemunerationHonoraryमाननीय
451A Line At Which The Earth And The Sky Seem To MeetHorizonक्षितिज
452The Art Of Cultivating And Managing GardensHorticultureबागवानी
453Fond Of Entertaining GuestsHospitableमेहमाननवाज़
454A State Of Deep-Seated Ill-WillHostilityशत्रुता
455Seat On Elephant’s BackHowdah
456Marked By Devotion To Popular WelfareHumanitarianमानवीय
457Assembly Or Parliament In Which No Party Has Got Clear MajorityHungत्रिशंकु
458A Box Or Cage For Keeping RabbitsHutchहच
459A Serpent With Many HeadsHydraहीड्रा
460Fear Of TravelHydrophobiaजलांतक
461A Specialist In The Promotion Of Clean Conditions For The Preservation Of HealthHygienist
462A Religious SongHymnस्तोत्र
463A Persistent Anxiety About One’s Health Usually Involving Imagined Symptoms Of IllnessHypochondria
464One Who Is Excessively Worried About One’s HealthHypochondriac
465One Who Pretends To Be What He Is NotHypocriteपाखंडी
466A Tentative Assumption, Made To Drive A Logical ConclusionHypothesisपरिकल्पना
467A Person Who Attacks Popular Belief Or Established CustomIconoclastमूर्तिभंजक
468An Odd, A Typical Or Eccentric TraitIdiosyncrasyलत
469The Worship Of Idols Or Images That Are Not GodIdolatryमूर्ति पूजा
470Short Descriptive Poem Or Picturesque Scene Or IncidentIdyllसुखद जीवन
471A house where an Eskimo lives.Iglooएस्किमों का घर
472Person Having No Knowledge Of Any HappeningIgnorantअनजान
473Prohibited By Law Or By Official Or Accepted RulesIllegalअवैध
474Incapable Of Being ReadIllegibleअस्पष्ट
475Which Can Be ImitatedImitableअनुगमनीय
476A Person Who Is Pure And CleanImmaculateशुद्ध
477A Person Who Comes To One Country From Another In Order To Settle ThereImmigrantआप्रवासी
478Which Cannot Be Moved, FixedImmovableअचल
479Free From InfectionImmuneइम्यून
480Incapable Of Being PenetratedImpenetrableअभेद्य
481Impossible Or Difficult To SenseImperceptibleअगोचर
482Not Admitting Of Passage Or Capable Of Being AffectedImperviousप्रबल
483A Person Pretending To Be Somebody He Is NotImposterढोंगी
484Incapable Of Being PractisedImpracticableअव्यवहारिक
485Having A Chance Of Occurring Too Low To Inspire BeliefImprobableअसंभव
486That Cannot Be Easily ApproachedInaccessibleदुर्गम
487Incapable Of Being Admitted Or AllowedInadmissibleअस्वीकार्य
488Something That Cannot Be Taken AwayInalienableअविच्छेद्य
489Not Endowed With LifeInanimateअचेतन
490A Sound That Cannot Be HeardInaudibleअश्राव्य
491A Person Who Maliciously Destroys By FireIncendiaryआग लगानेवाला
492Travelling Under Another Name Than One’s OwnIncognitoगुप्त
493Incapable Of Being BurntIncombustible
494Difficult To UnderstandIncomprehensibleसमझ से बाहर
495Out Of PlaceIncongruousबेमेल
496State Of Being Beyond Reform Or CorrectionIncorrigibility
497Incapable Of Being CorrectedIncorrigibleअसंशोधनीय
498Beyond Belief Or UnderstandingIncredibleअतुल्य
499Incapable Of Being RemediedIncurableलाइलाज
500One, Who Does Not Tire EasilyIndefatigableअथक
501Not Able To Be Protected Against AttackIndefensibleअसमर्थनीय
502That Cannot Be ErasedIndelibleअमिट
503Defying ExpressionIndescribableअवर्णनीय
504Incapable Of Being DestroyedIndestructibleअक्षय
505Incapable Of Being DividedIndivisibleअभाज्यता
506Something Carried On Within Door Or Under CoverIndoorइंडोर
507Not Suitable To Be EatenInedibleअखाद्य
508Not Being Able To Be Elected Or Selected Under The RulesIneligibleअनुचित
509Incapable Of Being AvoidedInevitableअपरिहार्य
510Incapable Of Being JustifiedInexcusableअक्षम्य
511One Who Is Unrelenting And Cannot Be Moved By EntreatiesInexorableनिष्ठुर
512Incapable Of Being Explained Or Accounted ForInexplicableअकथनीय
513One, Who Is Free From All Mistakes And FailuresInfallibleअचूक
514Murder Of An InfantInfanticideभ्रूण हत्या
515Soldiers, Who Fight On FootInfantryपैदल सेना
516A Disease Spread By ContactInfectionसंक्रमण
518Not Limited By Person Or NumberInfiniteअनंत
519A Home Or Room Used For Ill Or Injured PeopleInfirmaryदुर्बलता
520Liable To Catch Fire EasilyInflammableज्वलनशील
522Place Which Provides Both Board And LodgingInnइन
523That Which Kill InsectsInsecticideकीटनाशक
524Incapable Of Being DissolvedInsolubleअघुलनशील
525A Person Who Is Unable To Pay His DebtsInsolvent/Bankruptदिवालिया / दिवालिया
526Inability To Fall AsleepInsomniaअनिद्रा
527One Who Cannot Fall AsleepInsomniacइन्सोम्नियाक
528Interested Mainly In A Small Group Country EtcInsularद्वीपीय
529To Mediate Between Two Parties In A DisputeIntercedeरक्षा करना
530Inserting New Matter In A BookInterpolateबैठाना
531A Period Of Interval Between Two Reigns Or GovernmentsInterregnumदो राजाए के भीतर समय
532Anything Pushed Inside VeinsInterveneहस्तक्षेप करना
533Having Made No Legally Valid Will Before Death Or Not Disposed Of By A Legal WillIntestateबिना वसीयतनामा मारा हुआ
534Contemplation Of Your Own Thoughts And Desires And ConductIntrospectionआत्मनिरीक्षण
535One Who Turns One’s Thoughts InwardsIntrovertअंतर्मुखी
536One, Who Supervises In The Examination HallInvigilatorनिरीक्षक
537One, Too Strong To Be OvercomeInvincibleअजेय
538Something That Can Not Be HarmedInviolateअक्षत
539Impossible Or Nearly Impossible To SeeInvisibleअदृश्य
540Incapable Of Being ReconciledIrreconcilableकट्टर विरोधी
541Incapable Of Recovered, RegainedIrrecoverableअप्रतिलभ्य
542Having No Bearing On Or Connection With The Subject At IssueIrrelevantअसंगत
543Incapable Of Being RepairedIrreparableअपूरणीय
544Easily AnnoyedIrritableचिड़चिड़ा
545Government By AllIsocracy
546One, Who Journeys From Place To PlaceItinerantचलनेवाला
547A Plan For Or Route To Be Followed On A JournyItineraryयात्रा कार्यक्रम
548A Place Where Prisoners Are KeptJailजेल
549Language Difficult To UnderstandJargonशब्दजाल
550A Short Journy For PleasureJauntमनोरंजन की यात्रा
551A Professional Rider In Horse RacesJockeyजॉकी
552A Group Of People Who Band Together For Some Secret Purpose Especially For Political IntrigueJuntaजून्टा
553The Territory Within Which Power Can Be ExercisedJurisdictionअधिकार क्षेत्र
554Science Of LawJurisprudenceधर्मशास्र
555Anything Which Relates To Young And YouthJuvenileकिशोर
556Government By The Worst CitizenKakistocracy
557A Swiftly Changing Scene Or PatternKaleidoscopeबहुरूपदर्शक
558An Animal Of Australia With Great Leaping PowerKangarooकंगेरू
559Fear Of CockroachesKatsaridaphobia
560A Place For DogsKennelकुत्ता-घर
561Take Away To An Undisclosed Location Against Their Will And Usually In Order To Extract A RansomKidnapअपहरण करना
562A School For Small ChildrenKindergartenबाल विहार
563An Abnormal Desire To StealKleptomaniaक्लेपटोमानीया
564A person who cannot help but steal whatever he can find.kleptomaniac
565A Funeral BellKnellसमाधिवाली झंकार
566Fear Of SpeedLalophobia
567A Written Attack Using Humour To Provoke ContemptLampoonनिन्दालेख
568One, Who Cuts Precious StonesLapidist
569Established By Or Founded Upon Law Or Official RulesLegalकानूनी
570Responsible According To LawLegitimateवैध
571One, Who Compiles A DictionaryLexicographerकोशकार
572A False Written Statement To Damage A Person’s ReputeLibelपरिवाद
573A Person Who Leads An Immoral LifeLibertine/Lecherअनैतिक / ज़िनाकार
574Man Of Lax MoralLicentiousबेलगाम
575To Comenasate A Person EtcLindemnify
576One, Who Is Skilled In Foreign LanguagesLinguistभाषाविद
577Fear Of Getting FatLipophobia
578One Who Studies The Science Of Rocks And MineratesLithologist
579Cutting For Stone In The BladderLithotomyलिफ़ोटोमी
580A Kind Of Winged Insect Migrating In Swarms And Consuming VegetationLocustटिड्डी
581The Science Of ReasoningLogicतर्क
582Fear Of WordsLogophobia
583One, Who Talks ContinuouslyLoquaciousबातूनी
585A Pleasant Song Used For Causing Children To SleepLullabyलोरी
586Eclipse Of MoonLunarचांद्र
587A Home For LunaticsLunatic Asylumपागलख़ाना
588Fear Of DarkLygophobia
589Part‐Song For Several Voices Without Instrumental AccompanimentMadrigal
590An Important Or Influential PersonMagnateथैलीशाह
591Great Artistic WorkMagnum Opusप्रसिद्ध रचना
592An Unmarried Girl (Especially A Virgin)Maidenप्रथम
593The First Speech Delivered By A PersonMaiden Speechप्रथम भाषण
594Fear Of ChildbirthMaieusiophilia
595Vague Feeling Of General Physical DiscomfortMalaiseअस्वस्थता
596A Pharse R Sentence That Is Comical Or Noncensical Because The Speaker Used A Wrong Work That Sounded Something Like A Right WordMalapropism
597Person Who Is Always DissatisfiedMalcontentबाग़ी
598Wishing HarmMalevolentद्रोही
599One Who Pretends Illness To Escape DutyMalingererअपवादक
600Animals Which Give MilkMammalsस्तनधारी
601A Full Size Model Of A Complete Of Partial Human FigureMannequinपुतला
602A Paper Written By HandManuscriptहस्तलिपि
603A Woman Who Murder Her HusbandMariticide
604One, Who Dies For A Noble CauseMartyrशहीद
605The Tendency To Derive Sexual Gratification From One’s Own Pain Or HumiliationMasochismस्वपीड़ासक्ति
606One For Whom Money Is The Most Important ThingMaterialisticभौतिकवादी
607Morning PrayerMatinमतीन
608A Cinema Show Which Is Held In The AfternoonMatineeतीसरे पहर के नाटक का गायन
609Morning Prayer In The Church RegularlyMatinsबांधना
610Murder Of MotherMatricideमातृहत्या
611State Of Being MarriedMatrimonyविवाह
612An Establish PrincipleMaximकहावत
613A Low Level Tract Of Uncultivated GrasslandMeadowमैदानी
614Relating To Or Belonging To The Middle AgesMedievalमध्यकालीन
615Continuous And Profound Contemplation On Spiritual MattersMeditationध्यान
616Mania Of Being ImportantMegalomaniaबड़ाई का ख़ब्त
617An Extravagant Comedy In Which Action Is More Salient Than CharacterizationMelodramaनाटक
618Personal Reminiscences In A Narrative FromMemoirइतिहास
619A Place For Wild Animals And BirdsMenagerieजंगली पशुओं का पिंजड़ों में संग्रह
620Working Only For The Sake Of MoneyMercenaryकिराये का
621A Person Whose Build Is Powerful, Compact And MuscularMesomorph
622One Who Is Very Careful And ParticularMeticulousसूक्ष्म
623A Person Who Makes And Sells Ladies Hats, EtcMillinerमेमों की टोपी बनानेवाला
624A Place Where Coins Are MadeMintटकसाल
625Impudent GirlMinxढीठ लड़की
626One Who Hates MankindMisanthropeमनुष्यद्रोही
627Hater Of MankindMisanthropistमानवद्वेषी
628One Who Spends Very LittleMiserकंजूस
629A Hater Of SmokingMisocapnic
630One, Who Hates MarriageMisogamist
631One Who Hates WomenMisogynistस्री जाति से द्वेष करनेवाला
632A Person, Who Is Sent To Propagate ReligionMissionaryप्रचारक
633A Political System In Which A Mob Is The Source Of ControlMobocracy
634Autocracy Governed By A Ruler Who Usually Inherits AuthorityMonarchyसाम्राज्य
635A Building In Which Monks LiveMonasteryमठ
636Rule By One PersonMonocracyएक व्यक्ति स शासित राज्य
637The Practice Of Marrying One At A TimeMonogamyएक ही बार विवाह करने की प्रथा
638Person Obsessed With One Idea Or SubjectMonomaniacएकोंमादी
639Exclusive Possession Of The Trade In Some CommodityMonopolyएकाधिकार
640A Person Who Believes In One Faith Is CalledMonotheistएकेश्वरवादी
641Of Outstanding SignificanceMonumentalस्मरणार्थ
642A Place, Where Dead Bodies Are Kept For IdentificationMorgueमग़रूरता
643Subject To DeathMortalनाशवान
644A Place, Where Dead Bodies Are Kept For Post MortemMortuaryशवगृह
645Goddess Of Learning And ArtsMuseसरस्वती
646Open Rebellion Of Soldiers And Sailors Against Lawful AuthorityMutinyगदर
647A Traditional Story Related To DeitiesMythमिथक
648A Person Having Same Name As AnotherNamesakeहमनाम
649A Medicine For Producing SleepNarcoticमादक
650One Whose Parents Are DomiciledNativeजन्म का
651A Badly Behaved ChildNaughtyशरारती
652Fear Of Dead BodyNecrophobia
653Government By Inexperienced Persons Is CalledNeocracy
654New Word Coined By An AuthorNeologismनिओलगिज़्म
655Using Of New WordsNeologyनिओलजी
656Any New Participant In Some ActivityNeophyteनवछात्रा
657A Hollow Space In A Wall For ANicheआला
658Active At NightNocturnalरात का
659A Strong Desire To Return Home, Home SicknessNostalgiaविषाद
660Person Publically Authorized To Draw Up Or Attest Contracts EtcNotaryनोटरी
662Known Widely And Usually UnfavorablyNotoriousकुख्यात
663Someone New To A Field Or ActivityNoviceनौसिखिए
664One, New To Anything, InexperiencedNovice Or Tyroनौसिखिया या नौसिखिए
665The Study Of CoinsNumismaticsन्यूमिज़माटिक्स
666One Who Collects CoinsNumismatists
667Article Of Food Rich In NutritionNutritiveपुष्टिकर
668Fear Of DarknessNyctophobia
669A Long Pole Used For Rowing A BoatOarडांड़
670Fertile Spot In DesertOasisशाद्वल
671Having Lot Of Fat In One’s BodyObesityमोटापा
672An Account In The Newspaper Of The Funeral Of The One DeceasedObituaryमृत्युलेख
673Destroy Without Any TraceObliterateकाटना
674A person who is unaware of everythingObliviousबेख़बर
675No Longer In UseObsoleteअप्रचलित
676Physician Who Delivers BabiesObstetricianदाई
677Study Of OceanOceanographyऔशेयनोग्रफ़ी
678Fear Of CrowdsOchlophobia
679A Person Who Is Of An Age From 80 To 90Octogenarianअस्सी साल का बुढ़ा
680Eight-Armed Sea-CreatureOctopusऑक्टोपस
681One Who Cure Eye DiseaseOculistनेत्र-विशेषज्ञ
682Study Of TeethOdontologyओडोंटलजी
683Fear Of PainOdynophobia
684A Long Wandering JourneyOdysseyओडिसी
685A Political System Governed By A Few PeopleOligarchyकुलीनतंत्र
686One, Who Is All PowerfulOmnipotentसर्वशक्तिमान
687One, Who Is Present EverywhereOmnipresentसर्व-भूत
688Infinite KnowledgeOmniscienceसर्व-ज्ञानी
689One, Who Knows EverythingOmniscientसर्वज्ञ
690One, Who Eats EverythingOmnivorousसर्व-भक्षक
691A person who interprets dreamsOneirocritic
692That Which Cannot Be Seen ThroughOpaqueअपारदर्शी
693Fear Of SnakesOphiophobia
694One Who Treats Diseases Of The EyeOphthalmologistनेत्र रोग विशेषज्ञ
695Study Of EyeOphthalmologyनेत्र विज्ञान
696Science Of Sight And LightOpticऑप्टिक
697One Who Tests Eyesight And Sells SpectaclesOpticianप्रकाशविज्ञानशास्री
698Study Of LightOpticsप्रकाशिकी
699A Person Who Looks At The Brighter Side Of ThingsOptimistआशावादी
700One Who Makes An Eloquent Public SpeechOratorवक्ता
701A Field Or A Part Of A Garden Where Fruit Trees GrowOrchardबाग
702The Ceremony At Which A Man Becomes A PriestOrdinationसमन्वय
703A Factory Where Military Materials Are ProducedOrdnanceतोपख़ाने का
704A Person Of Asian, Especially East Asian, DescentOrientalओरिएंटल
705The Branch Of Zoology That Studies BirdsOrnithologyपक्षीविज्ञान
706Study Of MountainOrography
707One, Who Has Lost ParentsOrphanअनाथ
708A Home For OrphansOrphanageअनाथालय
709Specialist Who Straightens TeethOrthodontistओथडोटिस
710Study Of Correct Spelling Of WordsOrthographyइमला
711Medical Specialty Dealing With Bones And JointsOrthopedicsअस्थियों
712Fear Of PropertyOrthophobia
713One, Who Looks After Horses At An InnOstlerसाईस
714To Expel From SocietyOstracizeसमाज से बाहर निकालना
715A Large Bird Reputed To Bury Its Head In Sand When PursuedOstrichशुतुरमुर्ग
716Dungeon Entered By TrapdoorOublietteउब्लियट
717Cast Out As UselessOutcastनिर्वासित
718Policeman Riding On Motorcycles As Guards To A VipOutriders
719One Who Believes In Total Abolition Of WarPacifistशांतिवादी
720A Person, Who Is Specialist In Child DiseasesPaediatricianबाल रोग विशेषज्ञ
721Person Who Does Not Believe In AnyPaganबुतपरस्त
722Food Which Agrees With One’s TastePalatableस्वादिष्ट
723The Study Of Ancient WritingPaleographyप्राचीन शिलालेखों का अध्ययन
724Study Of FossilsPaleontologyजीवाश्म विज्ञान
725A Remedy For All DiseasesPanaceaरामबाण
726Government Run UniversallyPanarchy
727A Speech Or Writing Praising A Person Or A ThingPanegyricस्तुतिपाठ
728Person Who Belives That God Is Everything And Eveyting Is GodPantheist
729A Dumb ShowPantomimeमूकाभिनय
730A Lover Specially One Who Unlawfully Takes The Position Of A Wife Or A HusbandParamourप्रेमिका
731One Who Lives On OthersParasiteपरजीवी
732A Lady’s Umbrella IsParasolछत्र
733Funny Imitation Of A PoemParodyहास्यानुकृति
734Pledge Given By A Prisoner For Temporary Release, Not To EscapeParoleपैरोल
735Murder Of One’s ParentsParricideदेश-द्रोही
736Sole Right To Make And Sell Some InventionPatentपेटेंट
737One Who Examines Tissues Under A Microscope To Diagnose DiseasePathologistचिकित्सक
738Study Of DiseasePathologyपैथोलॉजी
739Murder Of FatherPatricideपिता का वध
740Property Inherited From ForefathersPatrimonyविरासत
741One Who Loves Own CountryPatriotदेश-भक्त
742A Person Who Is Very PoorPauperकंगाल
743Principles Of TeachingPedagogyशिक्षणशास्र
744One, Who Makes A Vain Display Of His KnowledgePedantरूढ़िवादी
745A Style In Which A Writer Makes A Display Of His KnowledgePedanticपंडिताऊ
746One, Who Goes On FootPedestrianपैदल यात्री
747The Specialist Who Treats Childhood IllnessesPediatricianबच्चों का चिकित्सक
748To Remove The Skin Of A Potato Or And OrangePeelछाल
749Equal In RankPeerसहकर्मी
750A Small Enclosure For Cattle ,Sheep ,Polutry EtcPenलेखनी
751Fear Of PovertyPeniaphobia
752Land So Surrounded By Water As To E Almost And IslandPeninsulaप्रायद्वीप
753Payment Made In Consideration Of Past ServicePensionपेंशन
754A Specialist Who Treats Diseases Of The GumPeriodontistपरिदंतशोथ
755Be The Embodiment Or Perfect ExamplePersonifyआदर्शरूप ग्रहण करना
756A Person Who Looks At The Darker Side Of ThingsPessimistनिराशावादी
757Fear Of Becoming BaldPhalacrophobia
758One Who Engages In Extramarital SexPhilanderभ्रष्टाचार करना
759One, Who Amuses Himself By Love MakingPhilandererपुच्छलगा
760One Who Is Interested In Charitable WorksPhilanthropistलोकोपकारक
761One, Who Collects StampsPhilatelistडाक के टिकट का संग्रहक
762Study Of Stamp CollectionPhilatelyटिकट इकट्ठा करने का काम
763One Who Does Not Care For Art And LiteraturePhilistineअशिक्षित
764A Lover Of WomankindPhilogynistस्रियों का प्रेमी
765One Who Works For The Welfare Of The WomenPhilogynist /Feministस्रियों का प्रेमी / नारीवादी
766The Study Of LanguagesPhilologyभाषाशास्त्र
767A Lover Of LearningPhilomath
768A Lover Of Property And ArtPhilomuse
769A Lover Of ArtsPhilotechnic
770A Lover Of GodPhilotheist
771A Lover Of AnimalsPhilozoic
772Fear Of Writing GraphPhobiaभय
773Study Of SoundPhonetics, Acousticsफोनेटिक्स, ध्वनिकी
774The Science Of Judging Of A Person’s Character Capabilities EtcPhrenologyमस्तिष्क-विज्ञान
775The Study Of Human FacePhysiognomyमुख का आकृति
776The Science Dealing With The Functioning Of OrganismsPhysiologyफिजियोलॉजी
777Ride On Someone’s BackPiggyback
778A Thief Who Steals Without Using ViolencePilfererचोर
779One Who Journeys To A Holy PlacePilgrimयात्री
780One Who Does Something FirstPioneerअगुआ
781Act Of Turning Hostility Into Friendly FeelingsPlacation
782Literary Theft Or Passing Off An Author’s Original Work As One’s OwnPlagiarismसाहित्यक डाकाज़नी
783Someone Who Uses Another Person’s Words Or Ideas As If They Were His OwnPlagiaristसाहित्यिक चोर
784Ordinary Remarks Often RepeatedPlatitudeसाधारण बात
785Common Place RemarksPlatitudes
786Egg-Laying MammalPlatypusएक प्रकार का बत्तक-सदृश नाक से पशु
787A Decision Made By Votes Of All Qualified CitizensPlebisciteजनमत-संग्रह
788A Person With Full Discretionary Power To Act On Behalf Of A CountryPlenipotentiaryसाधिकार
789Use Of More Words Than Are Needed To Express The MeaningPleonasmशब्द-बाहुल्य
790Government By The RichPlutocracyधनिक तन्त्र
791Stand For A SpeakerPodiumमंच
792The Practice Of Marrying More Than One Husband At A TimePolyandryएक से अधिक जीवित पति रखने की बात या अवस्था
793The Practice Of Marrying More Than One Wife At A TimePolygamyबहुविवाह
794One, Who Speaks Many LanguagesPolyglotबहुभाषी
795A Figure With Many Angles Or SidesPolygonबहुभुज
796A Place Where Ships Seek ShelterPortबंदरगाह
797That Can Be Carried EasilyPortableपोर्टेबल
798A Number Of Policemen Called To Quell A RiotPosseमेला
799A Child Born After The Death Of His Father Or The Book Published After The Death Of The WriterPosthumousमरणोत्तर
800A Book Published After The Death Of Its AuthorPosthumusपोस्थुमस
801An Examination Of Dead BodyPost-Mortemशव परीक्षा
802A Note Appended To A Letter After The SignaturePostscriptउपसंहार
803Something Which Can Be Taken For GrantedPostulateमांगना
804Fit To DrinkPotableपीने योग्य
805A Book Or Picture Produced Merely To Bring In MoneyPot‐Boilerपॉट-बॉयलर
806A Person Concerned With Practical Results And ValuesPragmatistदंभी
807Any Animal That Lives By Preying On Other AnimalsPredatorदरिंदा
808To Form An Opinion Against Anybody BaselesslyPrejudiceपक्षपात
809Explicit Understanding To Do SomethingPromiseवादा
810Prohibition Against Something InjuriousProscriptionबहिष्कार
811Take Legal Action Against SomebodyProsecuteपर मुकदमा चलाने
812Woman Who Offers The Use Of Her Body For Sexual Intercourse To Any One Who Will Pay For ThisProstituteपतुरिया
813Food For Farm AnimalsProvenderचारा
814One Who Studies The Pattern Of Voting In ElectionsPsephologistचुनाव विश्लेषक
815The Branch Of Sociology That Studies Election TrendsPsephology
816An Imaginary Name Assumed By An Author For DisguisePseudonymउपनाम
817One Who Treats Mental And Emotional DisturbancesPsychiatristमनोचिकित्सक
818One Who Studies The Science Of MindPsychologistमनोविज्ञानी
819Antisocial Person Who May Commit Criminal ActsPsychopath, Sociopathमनोरोगी, Sociopath
820Inclined To Fight Or Be AggressivePugnacityकलह की इच्छा
821One Who Is Particular About The Purity Of One’s LanguagePuristशुद्धतावादी
822One Who Pretends Skill In Medicine And SurgeryQuackनीमहकीम
823Animal Having Four FootQuadrupedचौपाया
824An Act Of Separation From Other Persons To Avoid InfectionQuarantineसंगरोध करना
825Stanza Of Four LinesQuatrainरुबाई
826Formulated Series Of QuestionsQuestionnaireप्रश्नावली
827A Feather Used As A PenQuillमोड़ना
828Fixed Number Of Person That Must Be Present To Make Proceedings ValidQuorumकोरम
829People In Rowdy ScienceRabbleभीड़
830Emission Of Light Or Heat From Central PointRadiationविकिरण
831Lottery In Which An Article Is Assigned By Lot To One Of Those Buying TicketsRaffle /Drawक्रीड़ा / ड्रा
832To Use A Woman By ForceRapeबलात्कार
833One Who Takes Up Arms Against GovernmentRebelविद्रोही
834Person Who Lives Alone And Avoid OthersRecluseवैरागी
835Too Much Official FormalitiesRed-Tapismलालफीताशाही
836Dress With Medals, Ribbons Worn At Official CeremoniesRegaliaइनाम
837Murder Of King Or QueenRegicideराज-हत्या
838Give Back To The Users Their Youthful Vigor And AppearanceRejuvenateफिर से युवा करना
839One Who Forsakes ReligionRenegadeपाखण्डी
840Witty , Clever RetortReparteeहाजिर जवाबी
841A Light Sailing Boat Built Especially For Racing Yacht Atonement For One’s SinsRepentanceपछतावा
842A State In Which Supreme Power Is Held By The People And Their Elected Representatives, And Which Has An Elected Or Nominated President Rather Than A MonarchRepublicगणतंत्र
843Shining , Brilliant And MagnificentResplendentदेदीप्यमान
844Give Tit For TatRetaliateप्रतिकार करना
845A Person Who Is Reserved In TalksReticentअल्पभाषी
846A Lady’s PurseReticule
847Which Takes Effect From Some Earlier DateRetrospectiveपूर्वप्रभावी
848A Radical Change Or Political UpheavalRevolutionक्रांति
849The Art Of Elegant Speech Or WritingRhetoricवक्रपटुता
850An Intelligent And Obedient Machine Like A ManRobotरोबोट
851A String Of Beads Used For Counting PrayersRosaryमाला
852Violating Or Profaning Religious Things/PlacesSacrilegeअपवित्रीकरण
853One Who Helps Others GoodSamaritanसामरी
854A Place For The Sick To Recover HealthSanatoriumआरोग्यआश्रम
855A Place Of Refuge Recognized As SecureSanctuaryमंदिर
856A Platform For Hanging CriminalsScaffoldपाड़
857One Who Is Given To Questioning The Truth Of Facts And The Soundness Of InferencesScepticसंदेहवादी
858Someone Who Knows A Lot About The SubjectScholarछात्र
859Write Hurriedly Or Carelessly In Regard To Hand WritingScribbleघसीटना
860One, Who Cuts In StonesSculptorसंगतराश
861Which Does Not Favour Anyone ReligionSecularधर्म निरपेक्ष
862An Instrument For Measuring Movements Of The GroundSeismographभूकंप-सूचक यंत्र
863One Who Studies The Meanings Of WordsSemanticist
864Music Played Or Sung At Night Below A Person’s WindowSerenadeप्रेमी का सन्ध्या का गीत
865Breeding Of Silkworm For Silk ProductionSericultureरेशम उत्पादन
866A Stanza Of Six LinesSestet
867A Case In Which The Sword Is KeptSheathम्यान
868A Case In Which The Blade Of A Sword Is Kept SheathSheath / Scabbardम्यान / म्यान
869Cutting All The Waste Paper Into PiecesShreddingकतरन
870A Woman With Peevish NatureShrewकर्कशा
871Go Back And ForthShuttleशटल
872Sleep Enjoyed In The AfternoonSiestaगरम देशों में दोपहर की अल्प निद्रा
873A Portrait Of A Person With Only The Outline Of The ProfileSilhouetteसिल्हूट
874Happening At The Same TimeSimultaneousसमकालिक
875A Job With High Salary But Little ResponsibilitySinecureऐसा पद जिस में वेतन मिले परन्तु कुछ काम न करना पड़े
876Someone Who Imports Or Exports Without Paying DutiesSmugglerतस्कर
877One Who Despises Persons Of Lower Social PositionSnobमोची का नौकर
878One Who Studies Social ConditionsSociologistसमाजशास्त्री
879A Short Stay At A PlaceSojournडेरा डालना
880Eclipse Of SunSolarसौर
881Speaking Himself When AloneSoliloquyस्वगत भाषण
882A Piece Of Music By One PersonSoloएकल
883SleepwalkingSomnambulismनींद में चलना
884A Person, Who Walks In SleepSomnambulistनींद में चलनेवाला
885Talking In SleepSomniloquism
886A Person, Who Talks In SleepSomniloquist
887Causing Or Tending To Cause SleepSoporificऊंघता हुआ
888Killing of One’s sisterSorocide
889Murder Of SisterSororicide
890One, Who Is A Habitual DrunkardSot, Toperपियक्कड़, शराबी
891One Who Is A Habitual DrunkerSottoper
892A Thing Kept As A Reminder Of A Person, Place Or EventSouvenirयादगार
893Image Formed By Rays Of LightSpectrumस्पेक्ट्रम
894A Person Who Spends His Money RecklesslySpendthrift, Prodigalउड़ाऊ, खर्चीला
895Lady Who Remains UnmarriedSpinsterकातनेवाली
896One Who Speaks On Behalf Of OthersSpokesmanप्रवक्ता
897A Place For HorsesStableस्थिर
898To Make Free From Living Germs Or BacteriaSterilizeबाँझ बनाना
899One Who Loads And Unloads ShipsStevedoreजहाज़ पर का माल उतारने-चढ़ानेवाला
900A Person Who Insists On SomethingSticklerहामी
901A Mark Of ShameStigmaकलंक
902A Person, Who Is Indifferent To Pleasure And Pain And Has Control Over His PassionsStoicउदासीन
903Indifference To Pleasure Or PainStoicismवैराग्य
904Walk In A Vain , Self‐Important WayStrutअकड़
905A Heavy Unnatural SlumberStuporव्यामोह
906A Place Where Pigs Are KeptStyशूकरशाला
907Submarines Operate Below The Surface Of The SeasSubterraneanभूमिगत
908Murder Of OneselfSuicideआत्महत्या
909A SubstituteSurrogateसरोगेट
910The Last Work (Literary) Of A WriterSwan Songहंस गीत
911A Large Group Of Insects Moving In A MassSwarmझुंड
912A Boastful FellowSwashbucklerगलाकाटू
913To Slap With A Flat ObjectSwatशक्तिशाली प्रहार
914Occurring At The Same Time Or RateSynchronousएक समय का
915A Council Of ClergymenSynodपादरियों की सभा
916Words Which Have The Same MeaningSynonymsसमानार्थी
917A Place Where Lather Is TannedTanneryचमड़े का कारख़ाना
918The Art Of Preserving SkinTaxidermyचर्मपूर्ण करना
919One Who Does Not Take Alcoholic DrinksTeetotallerमद्यत्यागी
920One, Who Does Not Take Any Intoxicating DrinkTeetotallerमद्यत्यागी
921Power Of Reading Thoughts Of OthersTelepathyटेलिपाथी
922An Instrument Of Seeing Distant ObjectsTelescopeदूरबीन
923One Who Enjoy Talking About Others Private AffairsTelltaleगप्पी
924A Noisy Quarrelsome Women, A ShrewTermagantलड़ाका
925Station At The End Of A RouteTerminusअंतिम स्टेशन
926Fear Of DeathsThanatophobia
927One Who Believes In The Existence Of A God Or GodsTheistआस्तिक
928Government By Religious PrinciplesTheocracyथेअक्रसी
929Government By The GodsTherachy
930An Instrument For Measuring TemperatureThermometerथर्मामीटर
931Fasten Or Secure With A Rope, String, Or CordTieटाई
932One Who Always Runs Away From DangerTimidडरपोक
933Pleasurable StimulationTitillationगुदगुदाना
934Existing Only In NameTitularनाममात्र का
935A Dull, Heavy BookTomeमुझसे
936One Who Is Habitual DrunkenToper/Sotशराबी / सोत
937Art Of Cutting Tree And Bushes Into Ornamental ShapeTopiary
938A Writing Which End In Death Or SorrowTragedyत्रासदी
939Allowing Light To Pass Through DiffuselyTranslucentपारभासी
940The Doctrine That Human Souls Pass From One Body To Another At The Time Of DeathTransmigrationस्थानांतरगमन
941A Drawing On Transparent PaperTransparencyट्रांसपेरेंसी
942That Which Can Be Seen ThroughTransparentपारदर्शक
943An Event Which Happens Once In Three YearsTriennialत्रैवार्षिक
944Group Of Three NovelsTrilogyत्रयी
945Having Three LegsTripodतिपाई
946Fear Of NumbersTriskaidekaphobia
947A Person/Student Who Absents Himself From Class Or Duty Without PermissionTruantअनुपस्थित रहने
948Plain Or Self Evident TruthTruism
949Confidence Reposed In Person By Making Them Nominal OwnerTrustभरोसा
950A Disloyal Person Who Betrays Or Deserts His CauseTurncoat
951Two Children Born TogetherTwinsजुड़वां
952Science Of PrintingTypographyटाइपोग्राफी
953Found Or Present EverywhereUbiquitousदेशव्यापी
954All Of One MindUnanimousसर्वसम्मत
955Incapable Of Being AvoidedUnavoidableअनिवार्य
956Decision Taken By One’s Side OnlyUnilateralएकतरफा
957Belonging To All Parts Of The WorldUniversalयूनिवर्सल
958Having Information Till TodayUp-To-Dateआधुनिक
959The Study Of MountainsUrologyउरोलोजि
960One Who Lends Money At Higher Rate Of InterestUsurerसूदखोर
961A Person Who Seize Something Without The Right To Do SoUsurperहड़पनेवाला
962An Imaginary Perfect Social And Political SystemUtopiaआदर्शलोक
963Murder Of WifeUxoricide
964One Extremely Fond Of One’s WifeUxorious
965Change One’s Mind Two QuicklyVacillationचंचलता
966A Person Who Lives A Wandering LifeVagabondआवारा
967A Farewell SpeechValedictoryविदा का
968Weak Or Sickly Person Especially One Morbidly Concerned With His Or Her HealthValetudinarianवहमी
969Someone Who Willfully Destroys Or Defaces PropertyVandalबर्बर
970Someone Who Eats No Meat Or FishVegetarianशाकाहारी
971A Fault That May Be ForgivenVenialअमर
972The Meat Of DeerVenisonहिरन का मांस
973A Performer Who Projects The Voice Into A Wooden DummyVentriloquist
974Repetition Of Word By Word, word for wordVerbatimप्रतिशब्द
975Style Full Of WordsVerboseवाचाल
976Interested In And Clever At Many Different ThingsVersatileबहुमुखी
977Animals Having Spinal ColumnVertebrateहड्डीवाला
978Evening Prayer In A ChurchVesperसंध्या का तारा
979One, Who Has A Long Experience Of Any OccupationVeteranवयोवृद्ध
980A Short Literary Description Marked By DelicacyVignetteशब्दचित्र
981One Who Is Determined To Exact Full Vegeance For Wrong Done To HimVindictiveप्रतिशोधी
982One Who Deals In WinesVintner
983A Woman Who Has No Sexual ExperienceVirginअछूता
984One Who Is Brilliant Performer On Stage (Specially Music)Virtuosoकलाप्रवीण व्यक्ति
985One, Who Offers One’s ServicesVolunteerस्वयंसेवक
986Person Who Gives Himself Up To Luxury And Sexual PleasuresVoluptuary
987One Who Is Very Eager For Knowledge And Reads A LotVoraciousपेटू
988A Long Journy Especially By SeaVoyageजलयात्रा
989A Place For ClothesWardrobeकपड़े
990A Cock-Shaped Indicator On The Building Top To Show The Direction Of AirWeather-Cockमौसम मुर्गा
991A Person Sharing Responsibility For A Political Party’s Discipline And TacticsWhipकोड़ा
992A Woman Whose Husband Has DiedWidowविधवा
993A Man Whose Wife Has DiedWidowerविधुर
994Method Of Sending Messages Without The Help Of WiresWireless Or Radioवायरलेस या रेडियो
995To Move Along With Quick Short Twisting ActionsWriggle
996Fear Of GodZeusophobia
997A Belt Of The Heavenly Bodies Divided Into Equal SignsZodiacराशि चक्र
998A Place Where Birds And Animals Are KeptZooचिड़ियाघर
999One Who Studies The Science Of History Of Animals Of Mountains Till It Melts After Passing The Snow LineZoologistजीव विज्ञानी
1000The Branch Of Biology That Studies AnimalsZoologyजंतु शास्र

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