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What Is Sentence-Spoken English Tips

English sentences on the main unit points of learning grammar. A combination or group of words that gives a complete meaning thought or idea...

Interjection | Grammar | Definetion of Interjection

An interjection is a word or group of words that express emotion. They can show happiness, surprise, anger, impatience, and many other emotions. Rules of...

Conjunction | Grammar | Definition of Conjunction

A conjunction is a word which joins two or more than two words, phrases, clauses or sentences. Ex-  Geeta and Babita went to market. Rakesh...

Definition of Preposition | Grammar

Definition of Preposition: A preposition is a word used before a noun or pronoun to show its relation with the other words of the...

Definition of Adverb | Grammar

Definition of Adverb: An adverb qualifies a verb an adjective or another adverb instead of that adverb also qualifies preposition, conjunction, noun, pronoun, and...

Definition of Adjective and its Types | Grammar

An adjective is a word used to qualify a noun or pronoun. or Definition An adjective (and its types) modifies a noun it describes...
definition of verb

Verb | Grammar |Diffination of Verb

Definition of Verb A verb is a word used for saying something about some person or thing. or A verb is a word that states...

Diffination of Pronoun  | Grammar Spoken English

  Pronoun means for-a-noun. A pronoun is a word used instead of a noun. Learn complete parts of the pronoun which is useful for your...

Nouns | Grammar | Diffination of Noun

Do you want to learn about the noun? here I am sharing noun complete rules and parts of a noun. learn here complete grammar...
It's a word, clause, or phrase that's needed to complete a given expression. For example, "Every morning is a gift." In this sentence, "every morning" is the subject, "is" is the linking verb, and "a gift" is the complement.

Parts of Sentences – Spoken English Tips

Parts of Sentences Parts of Sentences-Till now we have learned how many types of sentences are there. Now here we will read about how many...