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Parts of Sentences – Spoken English Tips

Parts of Sentences

Parts of Sentences-Till now we have learned how many types of sentences are there. Now here we will read about how many parts of the sentence are divided, the sentence is divided into two parts: –




The part which names the person or thing we are speaking about is called the subject of the sentence.

(वाक्य का वह खंड जो किसी व्यक्ति  या वस्तु के विषय में कहा जाए उसे Subject कहते हैं.)


A Little boy runs fast.

Here the underlined words “a little boy” is subject of the sentence.


The parts which tell something about a subject is called the predicate of the sentence.

(वाक्य का वह खंड जो Subject के विषय में  कुछ बताएं, वह बतलाया गया तथ्य Predicate कहलाता है.)


A little boy runs fast

Here the underlined words runs fast Is the predicate of a sentence.

The predicate and its parts

(i) Verb (क्रिया)

A verb is a word that tells us what a person, animal or thing is doing. Verbs show action, so they are also called action words.

(ii) Object(कर्म)

The object is the person or thing which is affected by the action of the verb.

(iii) Complement(पूरक

It’s a word, clause, or phrase that’s needed to complete a given expression. For example, “This morning is a gift.” In this sentence, “This morning” is the subject, “is” is the linking verb, and “a gift” is the complement.

Farmers are ploughing the field.Farmersploughingfield
I saw the film.ISawfilm
King Ashoka praised his soldiers.King Ashokapraisedsoldiers
We are learning English.WelearningEnglish
Ram speaks English.RamspeaksEnglish
He is swimming nowadaysHeswimmingNowadays
They are watching T.VTheywatchingT.V
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