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Nouns | Grammar | Diffination of Noun

Do you want to learn about the noun? here I am sharing noun complete rules and parts of a noun. learn here complete grammar rules.

Definition of noun

A noun is a word that names of a person, place or thing. The ‘thing’ means anything which we can think like touchable, untouchable, visible, invisible, countable, uncountable, feelings etc.

Ex- Book, table, fan, car, gold, collage, bench, queen, Rahul, rice, girl, dog, marriage, humanity, sad etc.

Types of Noun

There are especially six types of the noun:-

  1. Common noun
  2. Proper noun
  3. Collective noun
  4. Abstract noun
  5. Countable noun
  6. Uncountable noun

Common Noun: A common noun is a non-specific person, place or thing. Common nouns are not typically capitalized. It is capitalized when it comes with the first word of the sentence.

Ex-Dog, girl, pen, chair, boy, car etc.

Proper noun: A proper noun is a name given to a specific person, place or thing. A proper noun always begins with capital letters.

Ex-India, Ram, June, Sunday, APJ Abdul Kalam are proper nouns because each example refers to a particular person, place or thing.

Collective noun: A collective noun is a noun that represents a group of persons, places or things.

Ex- a bunch of grapes, Army, family, committee etc.

Abstract noun: An abstract noun is the name of quality, action, state, taste etc. which you cannot see, hear or taste.

Ex- happiness, sadness, honesty, laugher, youth, childhood etc.

Countable noun: The countable noun which you can count is called countable noun.

Ex- book, pen, student, doctor, cat, chair etc.

Uncountable noun: Uncountable nouns are the names which you can’t count as uncountable nouns.

Ex- Water, milk, rice, sugar, salt etc.

Noun number – Singular and Plural

If a noun tells one and more than one is called a number.

Singular: When we talk about a single person, place or thing is known as singular.

Ex-pen, copy, computer, chair etc.

Plural:- When we talk about more than one person or thing is known as a plural noun.

Ex- men, computers, chairs, copies etc.


Noun and the Gender

Gender:- The noun which denotes male or female sex is called Gender.

Ex- Cow, man, women, horse, bitch, mother, father.

Commonly gender has been divided into four types-

  1. Masculine gender
  2. Feminine gender
  3. Common gender
  4. Neuter gender

Masculine gender:- The noun which denotes male sex.

Ex-Boy, father, brother

Feminine gender:- The noun which denotes female sex is known as feminine gender.

Ex-girl, mother, sister etc.

Common gender:- The noun which does not specify the sex but only indicates living thing is called common gender.

Ex- baby, student, professor etc.

Neuter gender:- the noun which donates a non-living object or thing with life is called neuter gender.

Ex- tree, inkpot, pen, table etc.

Noun and the Case

The relation in which the noun stands to some other words or the change of the form by which this relation is indicated is called the Case.

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Kinds of Case

  1. Nominative case: A noun or pronoun that functions as the subject of a verb is placed in Nominative case.
  2. Objective case: A noun or pronoun that functions as an object of a verb is placed in the objective case.
  3. Possessive Case: When a noun shows its relation with or possession on another Noun is in the possessive case.
  4. Vocative case: If a noun is called, it is called the vocative case.

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