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Traffic Signs are very important in India. Understanding the information of road signs is very important for all road users Especially Vehicle users.

Traffic signals are the silent communicators for Vehicle users. Also, anyone who wishes to drive vehicle in City areas and applying for a driving licence, I would like to recommend you to know Traffic signs.

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Traffic Signs/Indian Road signs list

Today I am going to share some Roads sign list with infographic pictures that will help you to understand very easily.


Also, you can understand by reading the Road signs list here.

  • Give way
  • Maximum speed
  • One way traffic
  • Falling rocks
  • Wild animals
  • Merge
  • Uneven road
  • Stop & give way
  • No parking
  • Bend to right
  • Slippery road
  • Minimum speed
  • Minimum speed
  • No waiting
  • Turn left ahead
  • No left turn
  • No motor vehicles
  • Bend to left
  • No overtaking
  • Two-way traffic
  • Road work
  • Turn right ahead
  • No right turn
  • Crossroads ahead
  • Hump
  • Roundabout
  • No cycling
  • Parking lot

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