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Use Of But In English Speaking

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Use of But in English Speaking

Hello guys, today we are going to study about the use of “but” in English speaking. It is mostly used words in Spoken English.
Friends, In this article we will study the use of but as the Hindi meaning “Jo, Jisame”. Here we will use as the purpose of making sentences.

Use of But in English Speaking: But is used as a relative pronoun. How to use but as relative pronoun. Sometimes in negative sentences, if the sound comes as “JO or Which” in that place we can also use ‘But’.Here are some sentences by reading this you will able to understand very clearly.

Sound: Jo
Some Examples:
1. There is no rose but has some thorns.
Koi Gulab Nahi Jisme Kaante Na Ho.
2. There is no Hindu but knows the story of Ramayan.
Koi Hindu Nahi jo ramayan Na Janata Ho.
3. There is no problem but has a solution.
Aisi Koi Samasya Nahi Jiska Hal Na Ho.
4. There is no man but wants to live.
Aisa Koi Samasya Nahi Jo Jina Na Jaanata Ho
5. There is hardly an Indian but Knows Gandhi Ji.
Shayad hi Koi Bhaaratiya Ho Jo Gandhi Ji Ko Na Jaanata Ho.
6. There is hardly a child but likes chocolate.
Shayad hi Koi Ladka Ho Jise Chocolate Pasand Na Ho
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