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English sentences on the main unit points of learning grammar. A combination or group of words that gives a complete meaning thought or idea is known as a sentence.

Firstly we will start with letters here I am not going to explain briefly; shortly, I am going to tell you about sentences that you know about how sentences are made.

I need not tell you about all these things I know you do already, but here I am going to start from basics so these are compulsory if you know all these things then you can go to the next lesson.

Unit of sentences


 As we know, there are 26 letters in the alphabet in which 21 consonants and five vowels are there.

Consonants – B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, V, W, X, Y and Z
Vowels- A, E, I, O, and U.


Words can be defined as a group of letters that have some meanings like age taken example- boy, girl, names, simple, secure, spoken, English, etc.


What is a sentence?

A sentence can be defined as a group of words that conveys a complete meaning, Which contains verbs, subject, helping verbs, etc. Every sentence starts with a capital letter And ends with a full stop ( . ), Question marks (?) or exclamation marks (!), etc.  

  • Let us take an example- A boy is playing in the garden. (The above sentence is making a complete sense.)
  • Example- Ram garden go is You. (There is no sense. So it is not a sentence)

some meaningful sentences which you can read:-

  • I am speaking English.
  •  She is playing football.
  •  He is going to market.
  •  I don’t want to play with you.
  •  You are intelligent.
  •  You are a nice guy.
  •  I can speak in English.
  •  Anyone can speak English.
  •  English speaking is elementary.
  •  English is very important in this era.
  •  Do you want to talk in English?
  •  What do you think about English?
  •  You have to work hard to get succeed in your life.

Kinds of Sentences

Now we will study about kinds of sentences. Sentences are mainly divided into 5 Kinds of sentences. Which are given below:-

  1. An assertive or declarative sentence 
  2. Interrogative sentence
  3. Imperative sentence
  4. Optative Sentence
  5. Exclamatory sentence

An assertive or declarative sentence 

A sentence that makes a statement or assertion is called an assertive or declarative sentence.

Assertive or declarative sentence are of two types

(a) Affirmative sentence

 A sentence that shows affirmation is called an affirmative sentence. Simply, Positive sentences are called an affirmative sentence.


  • Ram is a good boy.
  • He is innocent.
  • I am working at home.
  • She is an innocent girl.
(b) Negative sentence

A Sentence which states something negative or denial is called a negative sentence. 


  • Ram is not a good boy.
  • He is not innocent.
  • I am not working at home.
  • She is not an innocent girl.

Learn Complete Basics Of Grammar

Interrogative sentence

A Sentence with ask questions is called and interrogative sentence, and it always ends with Question marks (?). 

Interrogative sentences are of two types:-

  1. Sentence Starts with helping verbs / Yes or No type questions


  • Do you play cricket?
  • Will he do his work?
  • Is he going to the mall?
  • Are you making my dish?
  • Are you going to college?

2. The sentence starts with Question words


  • Why do you play cricket?
  • How are you?
  • How will she come home?
  • What are you doing?
  • Why is he not going to college?


Imperative sentence

A sentence that shows suggestion, order, command, request, or advice Is called an imperative sentence.


  • Come here. (command)
  • Go there. (command)
  • Will you please give me a glass of water. (request) 
  • Do not smoke here (prohibition)
  • Get out from here (Order)


Optative Sentence

A Sentence which shows a wish, blessing or prayer Is called an optative sentence.


  • I wish you a happy anniversary.
  • I wish you the best of luck.
  • May you live long.
  • May you come out with flying colors.

Exclamatory sentence

A sentence that shows sudden feeling thoughts and Expression of mind is called an Exclamatory sentence. 


  • Hurrah! We won the match.
  • Alas! He has lost his car.
  • Oh! She is here.
  • Alas! She can’t speak.
  • Wow! India has won the match.

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