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Basics of Speaking Structures

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Use of Do you try to

Friends, today we will study about “Do you try towhich means Prayas Karna”. Friends whenever we talk about spoken English or whenever we start to talk to someone in English,

firstly we have to face a problem with how to make sentences, which comes by practising but it depends on you what will you say?

So you must have an idea about how to make structures and believe me if you have this technique then no one can stop you in speaking English and fluency comes by speaking more and more.

I hope you love to read this article and implement in your communication skills.

Hindi: Doston, Aaj ham “Do you try to” ke bare me padhenge, Jiska matlab hota hai “Prayas karna”. Jab bhi ham kisi se baat karna suru karte hain, Sabse pahle hame wakyon ki sanrachana banane me dikkat hioti hai,

Ishliye aapko wakyon ki sanrachana banane ka tarika aana chahiye,joki ham nirantar prayas se hii kisi se purn roop se baat karne me safal ho payenge. Mujhe umeed hai aap iss lekh ko padhna pasand karenge aur apne aam bol-chal me prayog karne ka prayas karenge.

SOUND: Prayas Karna

STRUCTURE: Do you try to Act + V1st

STRUCTURE: I try to act + V1st but sometime I can’t + Act+ V1st


1. Do you try to come on time?

Kya aap samay pe aane ka prayas karte hain?

2. I try to come on time.

Mai samay par aane ka prayas karta hun.

3. I don’t try to come on time.

Mai samay par aane ka prayas nahi karta hun.

4. Do you try to get up early in the morning?

Kya aap subah jaldi uthne ka prayas karte ho?

5. I try to get up early in the morning but sometime I can’t get up early in the morning.

Mai subah jaldi uthne ka prayas karta hun par kabhi kabhi subah nahi Ruth pasta hun.

6. Do you try to help the poor?

Kya aap Garib ki madad karne ka prayas karte ho?

7. I try to help the poor.

Mai Garib ki madad karne ka prayas karta hun.

8. I try to help the poor but sometimes I can’t.

Mai Garib ki madad karne ka prayas karta hun lekin kabhi kabhi nahi kar pata.

9. Do you try to speak in English?

Kya aap English bolne ka prayas karte ho?

10. I try to speak in English but sometime I can’t speak in English.

Mai English bolne ka prayas karta hun lekin kabhi kabhi English nahi bol pata.

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