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3 Free Online Tools Use To Improve Your Vocabulary And Grammar

One of the hardest things is to use good vocabulary and grammar in our daily writings. In today’s era, we lack to realize the importance of communication skills. 

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If we talk about the English Language, Vocabulary and Grammar are two essential parts that you need to master for better communication.

You need to develop exceptional speaking as well as writing skills in English if you’re a writer. It gets quite difficult at times when we lack the words and put some irrelevant words instead.

The better you get in vocabulary and grammatical rules the more you’ll conceive quality content. You must be wondering how we can improve the vocabulary and grammar for better development of content and advanced writing.

Improving vocabulary isn’t a choice but it is a necessity for today’s writers may it be content writers, academic writers, journalists, newspaper writers, etc. You need to develop this skill for a brighter future.

Why Do You Think Grammar And Vocabulary Are Essential Factors In Writing?

It gets quite prominent while reading anything if there’s some hanky panky you’ll most probably notice mistakes then and there. This is the value of quality content. This is how people see and recognize grammatical and vocabulary mistakes. You need to make sure that you’re good at vocabulary and grammar by using proficient vocabulary for smarter recognition.

  • The unwanted phrases and irrelevant vocabulary distract readers and leave an unpleasant situation in their minds.
  • They end up without reading your article or blog and go for any other website.
  • This can lower your engagement and your traffic can easily get diverted to any other website that’s good at grammar and vocabulary.
  • It shows the reader a sense of unprofessionalism which affects the website rankings.
  • A better vocabulary attracts more people and they feel your words and keep coming back to your website.

3 Free Online Tools Use To Improve Your Vocabulary And Grammar:

In this article, we’re gonna discuss 3 free online tools used to improve your vocabulary and Grammar so you won’t make any mistakes while writing anything. It could be a much more productive approach to use tools for writing exceptional content. So that every bookworm finds it interesting to read your writings.

  1. Grammarly-Grammar Checker:

Grammarly has been an exceptionally incredible online editing tool of all time. It covers almost every aspect of your writing may it be grammar check, clarity, detection of plagiarism, and much more?

There are over 20 million users that have been using Grammarly for grammar checks and vocabulary. For a reason, it is the most known and used online tool. You can use this tool to improve your vocabulary and grammar. One can always reply on Grammarly even if you’re a beginner or a professional in writing. You’ll always get high-quality content using the Grammarly tool.

The most interesting thing about Grammarly is that it provides you with numerous and vast spectrum of vocabulary. It shows you every error you might make while writing those big detailed articles or even any shorter paragraph. 

The main focus of Grammarly has always been on grammatical errors, sentence structure, and vocabulary. One can avoid punctuation, sentence, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, repetition errors, and whatnot by just using this tool in their daily writings.

It can be anything like; 

  • Report
  • Emails
  • Memorandums
  • Research writings
  • College essays
  • Assignments
  • Letters
  • Books
  • Case studies, etc. 


Grammarly has met the standard of writing and by keeping that in mind they’ve made some exciting developments in their tools. So that each one of you can use it accordingly anytime, anywhere you want. The advancements include the following;

  1. Grammarly Application: This application can be installed on any of your Android and IOs smartphones. So that there’s no need to forcefully use the website tool version but also can access the application just from your mobile devices. Has almost similar features as of website.
  2. Grammarly Website: The most used and extraordinary tool that is helping users all over the internet. It is an online tool website that is providing exceptional features to its users. Apart from that you can always edit, save and update all your content on this website which can be accessed from any other device as well with just an Email.
  3. Grammarly Chrome extension: Grammarly Chrome extension is another efficient feature as you can always access Grammarly while writing any text it can be writing an email it can be chatting whatsoever. It doesn’t matter which website you are visiting meanwhile it will identify every error.
  4. Grammarly Keyboard: It is the most advanced version of Grammarly as you can turn your device’s keyboard into a Grammarly keyboard to identify every mistake or error you might make while writing. It can be any grammar, vocabulary, or inaccurate text.

Pricing and plans:

There are three pricing and plans subscription option for Grammarly user. Either you can use it for free or there are two other options Premium one or Business Plan. You can choose any one of them accordingly.

  1. Free Plan: It provides all the basic features that can be a requirement of any writer. As it will work best for basic functions that as grammar check, spelling detection, and punctuation. Besides that, also lets you know the clarity of your writing or document.
  2. Premium Plan: The Grammarly premium plan costs 12$ monthly subscription charges. Where they also provide you with a facility of having a 1-year plan costing $144 which is a one-time payment. The difference between the free version and this version is that it provides you with recommendations and suggestions of quite advanced vocabulary, writing styles, and plagiarism check in real-time.
  3. Business Plan: The Grammarly business Plan provides you with $12.50 for 1 member per month and increases according to your limit of members. The team size can extend from 3 members to 150+ members. Apart from that this plan is most suitable for content creation organizations where several people create content. This tool helps them with different style guides, snippets, and Brand Tones, SAML SSO, and Account roles as well.
  1. The Hemingway App:

The Hemingway App is another incredible tool that helps you improve your vocabulary and grammar in an extremely unique way that everyone lives using this tool to make it easier for them. It helps you write easy-to-read and correct structured sentences in your writing so that you won’t end up writing any inaccurate thing.


This tool helps people in professional as well as academic writing. It is most frequently used by bloggers and web content writers for the better implication of grammar and vocabulary in their content.

  • It allows you to effortlessly check the spellings and gives you suggestions about the unlimited synonyms available for your content.
  • It helps you make your complex sentences fluent and user-friendly.
  • The sentence structure plays important role in any high-quality content which is why it works on it to improve the quality of your content.
  • It helps you generate error-free content.
  • This tool provides you with a solution for every grammatical mistake.
  • It helps you make your content SEO-friendly so that it can reach the maximum number of people out there.
  • This helps you engage more audience and produce more web traffic for top ranking on search engines.
  • You can use it anywhere, no internet connection is required to use this particular tool.

Pricing and Plan:

The Hemingway App claims to make your writing bold and clear free of cost. But if you want to access more features then by just a subscription of 19$ which is quite reasonable if compared to other online tools available in the market. You can access it on both Windows and Mac without any hesitation.

  1.   Prepostseo

This tool effectively works for you in the best way that everyone uses it to improve their vocabulary and grammar.

The best thing about Grammar Check is that it not only lets you rectify your grammatical errors and vocabulary but also lets you generate content that is impressive and conceivable. There’s a huge role of tenses and active and passive sentences while we write and speak the English language.

This is why we most of the time end up using unwanted and disliked sentence and phrases which then creates bluffs in our content. The best way to avoid them is by using a Grammar Checker. It helps you produce accurate and credible content that can boost your website.

The Grammar Checker helps students and users to improve their writings by providing advanced vocabulary and good grammar structures.


The Grammar Check has these incredible features that can do wonders for your writing and help you enhance and improve your content.

  • The Tool provides you with the most exciting feature of the multiple-language option. It not only helps you with content in English but will entertain you with multiple languages like Chinese, Japanese, Russian and the list goes on.
  • It helps you identify grammar checking by highlighting the mistakes and errors that can be found in any text as shown in the picture below. So that you can improve your grammar and vocabulary in the best way.

Pricing and Plan:

The Grammar Check is free to use for everyone. If you want to access advanced features of this tool then you’ll have to go for subscriptions.

  • Basic: The basic plan costs only 10$ per month where you can search 5000-word limit submission. Rest all features are the same in all packages.
  • Standard: The standard plan allows you to search query for a 15000-word limit submission costing 20$ per month.
  • Company: This subscription plan gives you access to a Words Limit per submission of 25000 for 45$ per month only.


It has been quite a difficult task to choose the best tools for our writings and tasks as there are unlimited tools available online. The tools that we’ve discussed in this article are one of a kind and known as the best tools for improving grammar and vocabulary. 

You need to read books, newspapers, and magazines if you want to enhance your skills as a writer. The best writer is the one who chooses to read. Once you read more you notice different structures, styles, vocabulary, tenses, formats, and much more.

These tools can make your writing even better and by using these tools regularly you’ll notice a positive change in your writing style. Also, your content quality will be improved and will get free from any errors.

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