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What is the Story Behind these ‘241543903’ Numbers? Head in Freezers

Do you know the story behind these numbers “241543903“? This is the most viral meme in 2009 When you search on google about this number you will see in most of the pictures “Head in Freezers” yes… right. that is the thing it gets viral in social media.

"Though this is madness, yet there is the method in it."
- William Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act 2

241543903 (also known as “Heads in Freezers”) is a numerical keyword related to a photo meme in which people freeze their heads and share the photos online.

A high level of search engine optimization can be readily obtained by marking a sequence of image files with a cryptic number. As a result, searching for “241543903” in image search engines like Google Images gets pages upon pages of images of people’s heads in freezers.

Orgin of This MEME

Horvitz later explained in a December 2010 interview with Urlesque 5 that he came up with the notion after recommending to his sick friend Mylinh that she try sticking her head in a freezer.

The number “241543903” is derived from a combination of his refrigerator’s serial number and the barcodes on a bag of edamame and a box of frozen soba noodles kept in the freezer.

“241543903” soon became an international sensation after becoming a popular Flickr tag, with large followings in Japan and Brazil.

Horvitz shared credit for the film’s international success with a Brazilian acquaintance in an interview with Urlesque.

Horvitz’s acquaintance supposedly circulated the remarks after returning to Brazil after a vacation to New York in April 2009 by posting the original instructions and passing them on to local adolescents on the streets.

241543903 Videos

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