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5 Best Alternatives to Audible (May 2022)

Although Audible is the largest audiobook retailer in the world, it may not be the best option for you. Other audiobook services provide a better free trial, no monthly costs, support for your local bookshop, and the chance to borrow high-quality audiobooks for free, among other things. What is the best Audible substitute? We review our top Audible alternatives in this guide to help you choose the best audiobook service for you!

Audiobooks.com – A free trial

How it works: Audiobooks.com is a membership service with over 300,000 volumes in its catalog. It, like Audible, has a large library and an excellent service. The software is attractive and easy to use, and the service offers a big free trial with three audiobooks.

Why we encourage it: Audiobooks.com’s enormous library and many book lists (for example, a list named ‘Perfect First Listens’) make it simple to pick a fantastic listen. They also have Audiobook Clubs, which are a one-of-a-kind service that allows you to join one of eight clubs for 30 days of unrestricted listening to thousands of best-selling and classic audiobooks.

Romance, Mystery & Thriller, and Sci-Fi & Fantasy are some of the most popular book clubs. Finally, Audiobooks.com is a service that is very comparable to Audible without being an Amazon firm (which we don’t mind but understand some people do!). To understand more about why we appreciate Audiobooks.com, read our review.

Chirp – Limited-time deals

Chirp offers limited-time discounts on popular audiobooks, with savings of up to 95% off and no need to sign up for the site.

Why we like it: Chirp has a solid selection of inexpensive audiobooks without the need to commit to a monthly membership, which is ideal for infrequent audiobook listeners. Chirp is a terrific supplement to other audiobook services for keen listeners because it has some really nice bargains and can be even cheaper than Audible. To understand more about why we appreciate Chirp audiobooks, see our review.

Get started, go to the Chirp website, and register for a free account. Choose your favorite sorts of audiobooks, and Chirp will begin sending you daily emails with audiobook offers.

Tip: get 30% off your first Chirp purchase with our discount code:

Libro.fm – Support local bookstore

How it works: Libro.fm allows you to purchase audiobooks directly from your local bookstore. As part of the sign-up process, you will select an independent bookstore to support with future purchases, and Libro.fm will divide revenues with this retailer. Libro.fm is a Social Purpose Corporation, making it an excellent alternative to Audible if you are looking for a more ethical solution.

Why we like it: Libro.fm has a lot more to offer than just ‘feeling good’ about being a customer (but we do!). The great community is our favourite aspect of Libro.fm. This can be seen in the numerous playlists made by expert booksellers, the Libro.fm crew, influencers, and others. These playlists are an excellent way to find your next favourite audiobook (click here to check them out). To discover more about Libro.fm, read our Libro.fm review and watch the video below:

Libby – Free audiobooks library

How it works: With a library card, you can borrow audiobooks from Libby, making it a terrific free alternative to Audible. However, you should be aware that due to publisher restrictions and high prices encountered by libraries, the audiobook you want may be unavailable or subject to a waiting period (particularly if the title is a new release or a recent bestseller). The availability of audiobooks will be determined by factors such as the size of your library, the popularity of a title, and the number of audiobooks in stock.

Why we like it: Who doesn’t like free? Libby is a wonderful choice as your primary audiobook service or as an addition to another service.

How to Begin: Libby may be downloaded for Android, iOS, Windows 10, select Chromebooks, and in your browser at libbyapp.com. The video below is a step-by-step instruction to getting started with Libby:

Scribd – Unlimited listening and more

Scribd is a subscription service that gives subscribers access to millions of audiobooks, ebooks, periodicals, comic books, and sheet music options. The monthly subscription charge is now USD $9.99, and membership includes unrestricted access to audiobooks and other content (although restrictions on certain titles may apply).

Why we think it’s great: Scribd’s huge digital library provides a diverse choice of reading material in both print and audio forms at a fee that appears to be fairly reasonable for what you get. Stephen King has endorsed the program, describing it as “like Netflix for word wonks.”

Verdict – What is the best alternative to Audible?

As you can see, there are various excellent Audible options for audiobook listeners. But what is the finest Audible substitute? That depends on what you value the most in an audiobook service, as each has something unique to offer:

Audiobooks.com features a large catalogue, a unique book club offer, several book lists to assist you in finding the appropriate title, and a good app. In addition, they feature a generous trial period that includes three free audiobooks to get you started.

Chirp offers affordable audiobook discounts without requiring a subscription to an audiobook service. By utilising our exclusive Chirp coupon code, you may save an additional 30% off the already lowered pricing on your first purchase. AUDIOBOOKADDICTS30

Libro.fm allows you to support your local bookshop while also providing a large range of titles, well curated playlists, and a wonderful community. When you sign up, enter the code CHOOSEINDIE to receive a free audiobook.

Libby allows you to borrow audiobooks from the library for free. Please keep in mind that you may have to wait for titles to become available for borrowing, especially if they are new releases or best-sellers.

Scribd offers unlimited audiobook listening as well as access to other digital media such as ebooks and magazines. Please keep in mind that some restrictions may apply.

Tip: If you are an Audible member, read our tutorial on How to Pause Audible while you experiment with these Audible alternatives.

Do you utilise any of the Audible alternatives listed above? Please share your thoughts on the service in the comments section below!

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