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Different Ways to Say But, Ways to say But in English Speaking

Different Ways to Say But: Are you looking for new words instead of using ‘But’? then you are in right place, Here I gonna share with you Different ways to say but.

So, Did you think why do you need to learn new words instead of using “BUT” just because we can’t use the same words again and again in English speaking it seems boring and cheap speaking technique. That’s why we have to use different words instead of using the same words. Here I gonna share with you some different ways to say ‘but’ use it in your English speaking.

Different ways to say but
different ways to say but

Different Ways to Say But

1. still

2. whereas

3. on the contrary

4. nonetheless

5. alternatively

6. otherwise

7. though

8. except for

9. In contrast

10. although

11. however

12. except

13. nevertheless

14. on the other hand

15. whereas

16. on the contrary

17. nonetheless

18. alternatively

19. otherwise

20. Only

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