Speaking English Conversation Practice Exercise- Talking about Activities

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English speaking conversation topic on talking about activities. In this Speaking English conversation practice free with dialogues and Exercise. Read the full discussions of talking about activities. conversations.

In this online activities conversation, we will discuss the complete information regarding daily activities. 

So Are you excited! go ahead for Basic English conversation practice.

English Conversation Practice Exercise- Talking about Activities

Conversation A

S1. Where have you been?

S2. I’ve been to the movies.

S1. What did you see?

S2. I saw an Italian movie about life in Sicily.

Conversation B

S1. What places have you seen so far?

S2. I’ve been to almost all the museums.

S1. Have you gone to any parks yet?

S2. No, I haven’t. I haven’t had enough time for that.

Conversation C

S1. Let’s meet at your house tonight.

S2. O.K. That sounds fine.

S1. I’ve forgotten how to get to your house.

S2. Just take the Tenth Street bus to Third Avenue.

Conversation D

S1. Let’s watch television for a while.

S2. All right, but let’s finish this work first.

S1. Oh, let’s not do the work right now.

S2. You’re just lazy, in my opinion.

Conversation E

S1. I can’t hear the television set.

S2. Why don’t you sit closer?

S1. I’m right beside it now.

S2. Why don’t you turn up the volume?

Conversation Pdf worksheets Free Download

This English conversation pdf worksheet will help you to practice easily whatever you learn before. How it will help you let me tell you:

  • First you save or download this worksheet on any device.
  • Get a print out of English conversation worksheet
  • And start doing exercise

This is the best way to learn ESL speaking Home learning for students. It is a kind of activity to learn English conversation by doing practice. Download a free printable English conversation practice worksheet.

English conversation practice

I hope this article “English conversation practice exercises” will be helpful for you further if you have any queries, kindly comment below. We will definitely reach out.

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