Speaking English Conversation Practice On Asking activities with Exercise

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English speaking conversation on  activities. In this Speaking English conversation practice free with dialogues and Exercise. Read the full discussions of asking about activities conversations.

In this online activities conversation, we will discuss the complete information regarding daily activities. 

So Are you excited! go ahead for Basic English conversation practice.

Speaking English Conversation Practice on Asking about activities 

Conversion A

S1. When did you eat lunch today?

S2. I ate from twelve to one.

S1.  Where did you have your lunch?

S2. Iad it at Pete’s Restaurant today.

Conversation B

S1. Did you have a good time at the party?

S2. We had a wonderful time.

S1. It was really a lot of fun.

S2. We ought to have another party like that soon.

Conversation C

S1. Did you work at home last night?

S2. Yes. I washed the dishes and cleaned the house.

S1. Did you do anything else?

S2. Yes. I listened to the radio for a while.

Conversation D

S1. Did you have a good time last night?

S2. Yes. I had a wonderful time.

S1 You’ll probably have fun tomorrow too.

S2. I’m sure I’ll have an excellent time.

Conversation E

S1. Where did you go?

S2. We went to a beautiful beach.

S1. Did you swim in the ocean?

S2. Yes, but we swim close to the shore!

Conversation Pdf worksheets Free Download

This English conversation pdf worksheet will help you to practice easily whatever you learn before. How it will help you let me tell you:

  • First you save or download this worksheet on any device.
  • Get a print out of English conversation worksheet
  • And start doing exercise

This is the best way to learn ESL speaking Home learning for students. It is a kind of activity to learn English conversation by doing practice. Download a free printable English conversation practice worksheet.

I hope this article will be helpful for you further if you have any queries, kindly comment below. We will definitely reach out.

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