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Speaking English Conversation Practice – What did you do?

English speaking conversation topic on what did you do?. In this Speaking English conversation practice free with dialogues and Exercise. Read the full discussions of what did you do? conversations.

In this online activities conversation, we will discuss the complete information regarding daily activities. 

So Are you excited! go ahead for Basic English conversation practice.

English Conversation Practice Exercise – What did you do?

Conversation A 

S1. Where did you go after lunch?

S2. I went to the public library.

S1. Which one did you go to?

S2. I went to the one at 42nd Street.

Conversation B

S1. What did you do last night?

S2. I watched television.

S1. Where did you watch it?

S2. I watched it here in the recreation room.

Conversation C

S1. Was that television program interesting?

S2. I thought it was very boring.

S1. What did your friends think of it?

S2. They were bored too.

Conversation D

S1. I went to a lecture last night.

S2. What was it about?

S1. Society and modern art

S2. I wish I’d gone with you.

Conversation E

S1. We went to the movies the night before last,

S2. What did you see?

S1. We saw a film about cowboys and Indians.

S2. Don’t you ever get tired of those westerns?

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English conversation practice

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