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Happy Diwali Wishes 2021 & Messages

Diwali is the festival of lights in Hinduism. It is one of the most popular festivals in India. In India, Diwali or Dipawali is a celebration of the victory of light over darkness. “Happy Diwali wishes” Hinduism, Jains, Buddhists, and Sikhs also celebrate this festival. On this day, people celebrate Diwali by offering to God, and light Deep or Diya at their home and wishing each other. Get the Best “Happy Diwali wishes“, messages, quotes, and Diwali greetings to wish. Download Happy Diwali Images and Quotes free.

Diwali or Dipawali is the symbol of the spiritual victory of ‘Ram‘ against ‘Ravan‘ and came to Ayodha. People started celebrating Diwali [1] from that day.

  • On this Diwali, I would like to wish you Happy Diwali for your “Good Health” and State safe from Pandemic. Wishing you my best regards to your family stay safe and Healty.
  • Onething I would like to recommend you to Celebrate your Diwali at your home and try to stay away form “Fire Crackers“…
  • I would like you to humble request to save our environment form polution.
  • Also, I have an Idea why don’t we celebrate diwali with plant a tree on this day! Don’t we, I think it’s a good Idea….

What do you think about it? must comment below.

Diwali 2021 Date
It falls on November 4 (Thursday), this year.
Diwali 2021 Begins
06:03 AM on Nov 04, 2021.
Diwali 2021 Ends
02:44 AM on Nov 05, 2021.
Happy diwali wishes

It’s a joyful festival so many cultures across the world wide especially those of South Asian descent celebrated with lightning Diyas.

When you or someone who cares about you is celebrating Diwali and you’d like to express your gratitude, these Diwali messages and wishes will definitely brighten anyone’s day.

Happy Diwali Wishes & Greetings

Happy diwali wishes
Happy diwali wishes

1. Happy Diwali, stay safe stay home!

2. Wishing you a “Happy Diwali” stay away from Darkness!

3. Happy Diwali wishing you always be happy and your life will be brightening.

4. Wishing you a Happy Diwali be safe and Happy!

5. May this Diwali bring peace and happiness to your life.

6. May this Diwali bring Happiness with joy!

7. Wishing you a glorious Diwali!

8. Happy Diwali! may this Diwali brings new hope.

9. May this Diwali light up with new hope and Dreams!

10. I wish you a wonderful Diwali.

11. Happy Diwali 🙂 May you grow into your life with bright light.

12. This Diwali and throughout the year, may well triumph over evil, love over hate, and joy over despair.

13. Wishing you Endless Happy Diwali and Endless 🙂Happiness in your Life.

14. Wishing you lots of Fun and Endless Celebration!! HAPPY DIWALI 2021.!!!

15. This year, let love and hope brighten your darkest moments, Happy Diwali🙂.

16. Warm and elegant greetings, not just for a special event, but for now and forever….. Happy Diwali.

17. I wish you dazzling lights to help you realize your greatest ambitions.

18. Life is like Diwali with you, so let’s make a commitment to stay together forever. Happy Diwali!

19. Allow this Diwali to motivate your soul to aim for excellence and victory! Diwali greeting!

20. This Diwali, I’m sending you warm wishes and lots of light. Happy Diwali 2021!!!

21. Howdy, buddy I wish you a happy Diwali! Always succeed in your life.

22. May Diwali serves as a reminder that darkness fades away, but the light remains.

23. This year’s Diwali brought with it a journey of light and love messages! In celebration, Happy Diwali!!

24. I wish for your life to be as amazing, lovely, and prosperous as Diwali’s celebration! I wish you a happy Diwali!

25. let your love be the brightness and completely destroys the darkness. HAPPY DIWALI 2021!!!

26. Have a wonderful Diwali! I’m offering my warmest greetings, filled with incredible love, adoration, and tenderness!

27. I wish you a great Diwali and a great start this year.

28. May the pleasure of this lovely wonderful night last for the rest of the year. May God’s divine strength bring us all blessings!

29. Make your life to be as brilliant and dynamic as the Rangoli.

30. This Diwali, I’d like to take a moment to thank God for a lovely family who is always there for me. I am truly fortunate. May He protect us and grant us good fortune. Happy  Diwali wishes!

31. May Diwali brighten your life Happy Diwali 2021!!!

32. I am grateful to be a part of such a wonderful family. You have made Diwali special in my life. Let’s make this one unique for you as well!

33. May Diwali bring you and your family lighting, pleasure, and happiness.

34. To all of you, a very very happy Diwali! May this occasion enhance our bond, enhance our trust, and enhance our love!

35. I wish you the best of luck in the new year.

36. May the vibrant colors of Diwali brighten your life.

37. May this Diwali welcome you with all of its wonders. Enjoy sweets and launch all of the rockets, but be careful! Every day, I miss you. Have a happy Diwali, my Dear Friend.

38. Happy Diwali Ki Subhkaamnayen!!!

39. Friends, I wish you a happy Diwali! May this year’s Diwali bring you good fortune, surprising possibilities, and hard successes!

40. This Diwali, may hope light and lead you.

41. May the Diwali colors bring new meaning to your life and guide you through your darkest days.

42. Sweetie, I wish you a wonderful Diwali. More than anything, I love you.

43. This new year, may you be blessed with happiness and wealth Happy Diwali🙂.

44. May this Diwali bring you joy and fulfill every ambition of yours Happy Diwali 2021🙂 .

45. I wish you a wonderful Diwali.

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46. This Diwali, may the lights of happiness and prosperity shine upon you.

47. Thank you for simply existing to make my life better. I adore you to death. Have fun and celebrate Diwali!

48. Wishing you a pleasant and blessed Diwali.

49. Diwali has succeeded in instilling integrity, optimism, and humanism in our hearts! My dear, have a wonderful Diwali!

50. I wish you a pleasant and prosperous Diwali.

51. May this festival of lights brings lots of love and Happiness to you, you may achieve your goal soon, Happy Diwali 2021.

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Short Happy Diwali wishes & SMS

52. May your Diwali be filled with peace and love.

53. Wishing you a pleasant Happy Diwali Stay Happy and Stay Safe.

54. Hoping this Diwali brings you lots of happiness and love.

55. Happy Diwali! May this joyous occasion wipe away the world’s darkness and sins!

56. Wishing you Happy Diwali to My Dear be Happy always and brighten your future.

57. Happy Diwali! My Dear love..!

58. Wishing you on this festival of Lights, Good Health, Wealth, and Progress in Life.

59. May your future brightens like this light of festival “Happy Diwali”

60. Wishing You ❤️Happy Diwali❤️ My dear……….!!!

61. Have massive Fun and Happy Diwali!!!

62. Wish you “Happy Diwali” may Dear Bro!!!

63. “Happy Diwali my lovely mom” Always be with me.

64. Wishing you warmth “Happy Diwali”!!!

65. 💛HAPPY DIWALI!💛 I wish you a wonderful break from work and some quality time with your loved ones!

66. Happy Diwali!! Darling, God Kare Tum Hamesha Khus Raho.

67. Wish you “Happy Diwali” Mere Bhai, Stay safe and Healthy.

68. Happy Diwali Sir!!! Thanks for being my Teacher and Guiding the Correct Path of My Life.

69. OYE!!! Sister 💛Happy Diwali💛 Hamesha muskarate Rahana, Aur Jyada Khushi to Tumhe Hajam Nahi Hota😃

70. Wish you Warmth “Happy Diwali” To My All Friends, Stay Safe Stay Happy.

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Happy Diwali Shayari wishes with Images

71. “Deepak kee roshani aapake jeevan mein har pal naee roshani lae, is deevaali mein aapake lie yahee kaamana hai. Happy Dipawali! “

72. Prakaash va khushiyon ke mahaaparv ‘Dipawali’ mein aapake jeevan mein sukh, shaanti evan samrddhi aaye. Dipawali Ki Haardik shubhakaamanaen

73. “Deepak kee raushani Mithaiyon kee mithaas pataakhon kee bauchhaar dhan-dhaan kee barasaat har din aapake lie laaye divaali ka tyauhaar divaali ki Haardik Badhai”

74. “Khushiyon Ka Baag lage aangan mein, Vo raat bhi kismat vaali ho
Deepon se chamakata ghar ho saara, Aise Mubaarak Aapki Diwali ho.”

75. “Diye Ki Raushani se sab Andhera door ho jaaye, Dua hai Ki jo chaaho aap vo Khushi manjoor ho jaaye.Happy Diwali”

76. Muskuraate Hansate Deep tum Jalaana, Jeevan mein nai Khushiyon ko laana,
Duhkh Dard apane Bhool kar, Sabako gale lagaana. Shubh Divaali.

77. Rangoli Ke Rango Ke Tarah, Jeevan Mein Aapake Rang bhar jaaye,
Jo Bhi aap chaahe dil se dua hai, Vo Aapako is Diwali mil Jaye.

78. Jagamag jale ye sundar deep, Chaaron taraph raushani hi raushani ho,
Meri hai yahi dua, Iss divaali par hothon par aapake bas hansi Hi hansi ho.

79. Khushiyan Ho Overflow, Masti Kabhi Bhi Na Ho Low, Dhan Aur Shohrat Ki Ho Bauchhar, Aisa Ho Aapka Diwali Ka Tyohaar.

80. Diye Ki Roshni Se Sab Andhera Door Ho Jaye, Dua Ho Aap Jo Chaho Wo Khushi Manjoor Ho Jaye. Happy Diwali!!!

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Happy Diwali Wishing Quotes

81. “May the lamps keep shining, everyone’s houses keep twinkling, may all of you keep smiling like this, Happy Deepawali”

82. “Deep Jagmagate Rahe Sabke Ghar Jhilmilaate Rahe, Saath Ho Sab Apne Sab Muskaraate Rahen.” Happy Diwali

83. “In Deepawali, there may be lamps, and there may be showers of happiness. Happy Deepawali! “

84. “Deepawali me Deepon Ka Didar Ho Aur Khusiyon Ki Bauchhar Ho, Happy Deepawali”

85. “May this holy festival of lights bring you happiness, thousands of Lakshmi ji, may our best wishes to you, accept Happy Diwali”


68. “Deepon Ka Ye Pawan Tyohaar Aapke Liye Laye Khushiyan Hajar, Lakshmi Ji Viraajen Aapke Dwaar, Hamari Subhkaamnayen Karen Swikaar.”

87. “The lamp kept shining, we kept on remembering you as long as life is our blessing that you keep shining like the moon Happy Deepawali

89. “Deep Jalte Jagmagaate Rahen, Ham Aapko Aap Hamko Yad Aate Rahen, Jabtak Zindgi Hai, Dua Hai Aap Chand Ki Tarah Jagmagaate Rahen” Subh Deepawali!!!

90. “Diye Ki Roshani Se Sab Andhere Dur Ho Jayen, Dua Hai Ki Chaho Wo Khushi Manjoor Ho Jaye ” Wish you Happy Diwali!!!

Happy Diwali Wishing Images

Why Deepawali or Diwali is celebrated?

This festival is a festival of people of Hindu, Sikh, Jain, and Buddhist religions every year on the new moon day of Kartik month and every religion has a special significance associated with this day. Along with this, there are many stories behind celebrating Diwali:

✔️In the joy of returning home of Lord Rama – on this day Lord Rama returned to his birthplace Ayodhya, after successfully completing his 14 years of exile along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana. And in the joy of their arrival, the residents of Ayodhya celebrated Deepawali in their state. At the same time, since then this festival is celebrated every year in our country.

✔️Lakshmi Maa’s Birthday- Mother Lakshmi was born on this day, and she was also married to Lord Vishnu on this day. that’s why every year everyone celebrates the marriage of these two by lighting their homes.

✔️A special day for Sikhs – This day was institutionalized by Sikhism Guru Amar Das as Red-Letter Day, after which all Sikhs receive their Guru’s blessings on this day. In 1577, the foundation stone of the “Golden Temple” of Amritsar was also laid on the day of Diwali.

✔️A special day for the people of Jainism – revered in Jainism and the founder of modern Jainism, who had attained Nirvana on the day of Deepawali and made this day important for his religion. and many more myths are stated by the people.

✔️Hindu New Year Day – With Diwali, the Hindu businessman’s new year begins and businessmen start their new books of accounts on this day, and pay off all their debts before starting the new year.

Significance (महत्व) of Diwali

  • Diwali festival signifies the victory of good over evil. And this day reminds people that truth and goodness always win.
  • Worshiping Goddess Lakshmi is very important on this day and it is believed that if the Goddess mother is worshiped on this day with a sincere heart, then there is no shortage of money in the house.
  • This festival also serves to keep people connected. On this occasion, people eat sweets and distribute to others to creates lots of love and connectivity by Happy Diwali wishes.

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