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How to Use “So” and “Too”- English Grammar

Hay! I am back with new English Grammar Tips and Today we will know about How to use “So” and “Too” with proper grammar in English sentences. I have seen so many readers who always confuse using ‘so’ and ‘too’ grammar.

So, Are you excited? to know about How to use ‘so’ and ‘too’ in English grammar. If your answer is “Yes” then keep reading this post below.

use so too grammar

Let’s suppose from an example, from the above-given picture you may have seen that all the girls are happy, suppose the first girl is saying “I am happy” return back the second girl replied, “I am happy too”. like that third girl saying “I am so happy today”. what did you understand? let me tell you briefly.

What is the difference between ‘so’ and ‘too

Why do we use so and too? “Too” is used to show agreement with a positive statement. Also in other words of ‘too,’ meaning is ‘Also’r. And ‘so’ is used for agreeing in sentences. The difference between that is when we use “too” in a sentence, It seems that repeatetive. That’s why better to use “so” in agreement sentences.

I am happy too = I am also happy.

These adverbs ‘so’, ‘too’, and ‘very’ are used to be effective for sentences. in other words these words are used to intensify the sentences. Here are some so too examples.

Use of ‘so’ and ‘too’ grammar

Now, the question is How to use so and too in a sentence? let’s learn briefly form the examples


1. I am happy
2. I was happy
3. She is happy

‘So’,’Too’ Examples

1. I am happy too
So am I
2. I was happy too.
So was I.
3. She is happy too
So is she

Use of So

often “so” is used before an adjective and adverb. Here are the structures of sentence formation.

So + Auxilary + Subject

The Auxiliary verb needs to agree with the verb tense in the original statement.

1.I need more money (Present simple tense)

So do I (Present past tense)

2. I needed more money. (Present past tense)

So did I (Present past tense)

3. You are Making a Noise.

So are you.

4. Willium Likes Pizza.

So does Mary.

5. I was tired this morning.

So was I.

Use of Too

How to use it too? Too is used before adjective and adverb with a noun is not needed. Here are some basics examples.

Too + adjective / adverb (no noun)

1.I need more money

I need more money too.

2. I needed more money.

I needed more money too.

3. You are Making a Noise.

You are making noise too.

4. Willium Likes Pizza.

Mary likes Pizza too.

5. I was tired this morning.

I was tired too.

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